Bio-toilet in the country with their own hands

  • Dec 24, 2019
In the country, where there are no habitual communication, there are two ways of getting rid of waste: make a pit latrines or composting toilet. With the second embodiment shortcomings significantly less and is very ecological. As cheap and easy to build a composting toilet with his hands?
(Photo taken from Yandex pictures)
(Photo taken from Yandex pictures)

First, you must understand their views. distinguish:

• Electrical;
• Liquid.

The last two should be immediately deleted, if you plan on creating your own hands dry closet. They have their own difficulties, such as the need for complicated water or electricity connections. Therefore, the peat - the most simple, cheap and user-friendly design. Peat in this case is used as absorbent. Toilet itself consists of two containers: waste and filler.

Its indisputable advantage is that it is completely ruled out the possibility of contamination of ground water (eg, at sump) and it does not produce a large number of odors.

The easiest way to build a seat with a special compartment for the collection. To do this, you need to stock up capacity for the waste of good material, which will not be able to touch the corrosion.

Creating biotoilet

1. From timber and plywood box manufactured with legs 30 cm in height and the horizontal surface area of ​​about 20 square centimeters (may vary depending on personal needs).
Thus on the one surface side to be mounted hinged lid for easy opening of the box.
2. In the same part is cut a hole under the toilet of the future container dimensions, in which the waste will be merged.

Box for dry closets
Box for dry closets

3. Then, all the surfaces are polished and lubricated with an antiseptic. If desired, the box can be covered by lacquer or paint for a more attractive appearance.
4. Inside the waste tank structure is inserted at the bottom of which is filled with a mixture of peat, and the top for convenience attached seat. If it is tightly closed, it will eliminate the possibility of leakage of odors on the surface.

5. Next to the toilet put the vessel with additional peat for dusting after using the toilet.

The disadvantage of this dry closet: that all migrant workers in the liquid evaporates completely, you need a lot of absorbent. This is very inconvenient, so better take care of the drainage system, leading out the excess, which did not have time to evaporate. To do this, we need two containers: one larger and one smaller. They should be firmly inserted into one another, with little space between them should remain. The smaller reservoir drilled holes to allow liquid waste into a larger, which is then output from the hole through the side of the drain hose.


Of course, such a design is not bottomless, and the time it should be cleaned from time to time. The resulting waste will serve as a good fertilizer for the garden, so will contain a variety of organic substances that are suitable for powering the various plant species.


No need to wait until the tank is filled to capacity - will make it quite difficult.
Dumping waste products should be in the compost pile, which will be located away from residential home as a small amount of odor will persist as long as the bacteria are not completely reworked waste.
The tank is rinsed from the sewage residues, it is filled with fresh peat portion and put in place.

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