5 categorical "no" use of soda in the garden: for those who do not want to ruin your garden

  • Dec 24, 2019

I have read many articles on the Internet that soda in the garden acts as an indispensable means of pest control and serves as a wonderful dressing.

Harm soda in the garden

I remember high school chemistry lessons: any soda (baking, acoustic, soda) is alkaline. The composition contains sodium.

Acidic soil may be neutralized with alkali, - I agree. But it can not neutralize the soil conventional furnace ash, slaked lime or chalk? Why so much sodium to plants when it is required at the minimum level?

While not tested, you do not understand

Being a great experimenter, I decided to check on their own experience the reality of the arguments about the benefits of soda on their beds.

Allocated a small area where ever variegated beetles crawling. Radishes planted there. But even this unpretentious vegetables are grown such as usual. Elongated, and the curve with drilled holes inside. It turns out that both pests eat everything, and continue in the same spirit. Did not help.

soda solution has not spared even the tops of my radishes.

Perhaps I have gone too far with the concentration of the soda solution or watered more than normal. While preparing it as indicated. But the greens seem to get burned. Sticky and greasy earth does not become fertile and become unusable for plants. Following the experiments and conclusions, I no longer use this tool.

The soil of the "clay"

In the place where the suffering was planted vegetable, formed a viscous and sticky soil. This I noticed when I started to weed beds of weeds. He took a handful of earth and blinded him from the ball. I asked him to the ground, and he was not scattered. Earth on its consistency was similar to clay.

How can radishes grow in such conditions? Yes way. Root could not even extract the moisture from the ground. Instead the promise of loose and fertile soil, as promised in the articles, I received a viscous mass.

On the free site only sprinkled this substance anthills. These restless and tenacious insects than I just do not persecution, but they are moving their eggs to a different location and then conduct their work.

enough rainfall

Sodium, which contains in its composition of soda, plants need in minimal doses. Sufficient amount into the soil with the rain and snow tayavshim.

  • Without nitrogen, calcium, potassium and phosphorus, plants really can not develop well, I'm convinced of this. And an excess of sodium in the soil prevents the penetration of micronutrients in plant tissue.

Therefore, vegetables without adequate nutrition grow weak and give a poor harvest. Why should there be soda, which blocks the power?

As I soil treated

On the bed of soda spoiled I am very densely planted mustard. By the fall, it rose by 50 centimeters. All the while throwing on the ground eggshells and onion peel. In the spring of digging up and had a good soil. Please, who is not a burden, for sale, Like (thumbs up) and Share a note with their friends on social networks. And all those who have not yet signed to channel "4 SEASON Ogo"We invite - Subscribe! We are glad to see you! :)