The feed cucumbers and tomatoes for a rich harvest: Some simple folk remedies / No cost /

  • Dec 24, 2019

All cottagers and farmers want to get their fruits and vegetables were the most delicious and productivity. Each plant responds well to specific methods of increasing yields, but there are many universal methods, which help to raise the harvest in the garden or in the garden as a whole.

Folk remedies for high yield

It is not a chemical stimulants and drugs, and natural fertilizers on time-tested methods of care for the plants, which are still practiced by our grandmothers.

Fertilizing of wood ash

Wood ash is the most simple and accessible, but very effective natural fertilizer. A plurality of minerals, including magnesium, iron, manganese and phosphorus are part of the ash, easily digested garden and vegetable crops.

My delight harvest cucumbers :)
My delight harvest cucumbers :)

To improve the productivity of a bucket of water should take 1.5 cups of ash powder, mix well and immediately watered beds or shrub to useful solid ash particles do not settle to the bottom of the bucket. For foliar feeding should prepare an infusion of ash. In a bucket of hot water to add 5 cups of ash and infuse for 2-3 days. Then, the mixture should drain, fill a spray bottle, and carry out spraying.

What makes a plant nutrition yeast

Fertilizing yeast - a great inexpensive way to not only enhance the growth of seedlings, but also to achieve a higher yield.

What should be done: take 50 grams of fresh yeast and dissolve them in 0.5 l of warm waters. Then, the resulting mixture was poured into a bucket of water. it is not necessary to insist the solution long enough to be 2-3 hours, and then it must be used immediately. Approximate flow - 0.5 l under each plant for shrubs - 1 liter or more.

ATTENTION! Sami yeast is not a fertilizer, they are likely to act as an activator and stimulator. Yeast - are microorganisms that activate and accelerate the process of recycling organic matter, in a more accessible form for your plants. Therefore, along with yeast dressing should be used in organic fertilizer, for example - a herbal infusion.

Herbal infusions for fertilizer garden and horticultural crops

To yield can also be used extracts from plants, such as green manure, grass and weeds (nettle). The effectiveness of green manure is not lower than that of many mineral supplements.

"Knee-high to a grasshopper," and have a harvest! (Next to a bush half-liter jar).
"Knee-high to a grasshopper," and have a harvest! (Next to a bush half-liter jar).

Chopped herbs should be put in a plastic bucket (at least half, preferably one-third) and pour over greens with warm water. Put on the weight of any oppression and leave in a warm place. Almost immediately in the bucket to start the fermentation process. After 12-14 days curative solution is ready for use. To feed solution was used: 1l infusion in 10 liters of water. Approximate consumption: 1 liter under a bush.

Other secrets to getting great harvest with the help of popular recipes

  • Before and after the use of all forms of folk fertilizing the ground near the plants, it is necessary to loosen and mulch. It is not necessary to water the liquid fertilizers dry soil - so you can burn the roots.
  • Make basal dressing better in cloudy weather in the morning or in the evening.
  • You can not feed the plants immediately after transplanting - wait for at least 10-12 days.
  • Another important recommendation for the introduction of natural fertilizing - a little better "underfeeding" plant than to harm the roots and stems of a large volume of the mixture.