4 top-yielding varieties of honeysuckle, and why it is very popular among those who value their health

  • Dec 24, 2019

Today let's talk about honeysuckle. She opens the berry season, ripens in late May - early June, ahead of a strawberry. Unfortunately, in the gardens it occurs often enough. Gardeners are not yet fully appreciated the advantages of the edible honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle edible. Features and benefits

Honeysuckle fruits are large, dark blue with glaucous bloom, berries weight to 2 g, the taste pleasantly sweet. Amazingly good in a jam, compote or mashed with sugar. Compote of it resembles a precious ruby.

  • However, this berry is rich in potassium so essential for the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Iodine, zinc and iron normalize metabolism and processes of hematopoiesis.
  • Fruits and blanks - are used at tonsillitis and stomatitis as good disinfecting agent.
  • Use berries reduce elevated blood pressure to normal values.
  • In folk medicine used for anemia.

Varieties and their characteristics


The newest and best in the grade today. Fruits are spindle-shaped, lumpy, bluish, very sweet and aromatic. The average weight of 1.5 g Highly hardy transfers cold to 40 ° C. Even flowers can withstand prolonged cooling to -8 ° C.


Launched the Barnaul breeders. The most simple is to grow and to maintain. Berries are large, sweet-sour refreshing taste, barrel-shaped.

Spherical bush, height to 1.5 m. Frost resistance is high, productivity of 3 kg per bush.
Attention! Grade samobesplodny. pollinator required.

Indigo Jam

Recognized as one of the best varieties of Canadian selection. Fruits hefty, big, thick, with a delicate black and blue skin, which is not damaged during assembly.

The flesh is dense, with dessert sweet taste, with no hint of bitterness. Bushes in height and 1.7 m, rapidly growing, come into bearing on the second or third year after planting. Yields of up to 6 kg per bush.

blue Rock

Super phenomenal to -50 ° C, hardiness and good resistance to diseases and pests. At the time of fruit ripening just small bushes studded with clusters of unusually large bluish-purple fruit. Ripening early, amicable.

Appointment universal. Bushes to 1.2 m tall, endow annual harvest and abundantly. The plant is self-sterile and needs pollinators neighbor. Yields of up to 4 kg per plant.

Settle in his garden two or three bush of this amazing berry. Amateur gardeners claim that jam honeysuckle may be the best of what you have ever been able to try.

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