You do not know how to use green manure with a double benefit for themselves?

  • Dec 24, 2019

In the yard in autumn and all the main crop on beds already assembled. It's time to take care of the soil in the area. Restore and improve soil structure and enrich it with the necessary nutrients to help green manure, and thus saving a lot of your strength, nerves and money.

Agree, because there is a more experienced and better gardener than Mother Nature herself.

Therefore, if a green manure crop you do not take care, she will do it herself, the truth is quite different herbs. After all, nature is simply doing his duty - to protect the soil, covering it with vegetation. Do you have a simple choice:

  • Let things take their course, and then on the site of spring weeds climb, the use of which, as green manure, it is practically zero.
  • Sow your land with winter green-manures, which are significantly improve the composition and structure of the soilBy enriching it with all the necessary elements.

But many gardeners ignore the laws of nature and leave their land in winter is absolutely naked, and it is absolutely vain. And that's why…

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What is the use of green manure

Green manure sown under winter, spring time to build up a lot of green, long before the time comes transplanting. Is embedded in the mass of the soil, you get valuable organic fertilizer. And if green manure just mow and leave the beds, you will be provided fine mulch.

In order to speed up the soil in the spring the healing process by decomposition of organic matter, you can use the EM preparations. These are preparations comprising effective microorganisms. Now they are gaining increasing popularity among gardeners and horticulturists. And no wonder.

EM drugs help improve the soil, To improve its structure and significantly increase its fertility without the use of any artificial fertilizers, and in the shortest possible time. this It will save you a lot of money and effortWhile ensuring absolutely clean ecological grown produce.

Why soil fertility depends

Remember the basic truth that every gardener should know: He took - let. Do not give - do not get. In nature, everything is interconnected.

Imagine that your site - it is an enterprise which employs a large and close-knit team: the soil, beneficial micro-organisms, plants, underground inhabitants - bugs, worms. And as soon as there is someone or something fails, soil fertility rapidly declines.

And if your site is subject to raider attacks by pathogens and microbial pests, which leads to a decrease in or loss of the crop.

Take care of your land, feed her and dress in green garments of organics. And then she will reward you handsomely healthy and abundant crops.

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