Toilet paper can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also to check the quality of work

  • Dec 24, 2019

In Russia it decided not to carry out complex work on plumbing samotoyatelno men. Well, such a mentality, "I myself will be able to" is a very common response of men, if a woman threatened to call a plumber to replace a leaky faucet.

But there are men which is easier to invite an expert on plumbing replacement and pay "money" than to climb into the jungle pipeline profession. Or single women, especially grandmothers who did not live up to the men laid pensions and fix a leak in the tank is not to anyone.

Therefore it is necessary to cause Zheka from the housing or plumbers experts on an ad.

One of the criteria for quality of work performed is the plumbing leaks in places mixer compound hoses and pipes.

The first method

In order to test the plumbing necessary to calculation with him for the work done, pick up toilet paper and wipe dry joints.

We throw wet paper. Again, wipe the same connections and look at the piece of paper. It should be dry. If the paper is wet plumber then please double-check the tightness of the joint.

The second way

In places where the work performed is necessary wipe dry with dry rags. After that you should put to paper or paper. Leaky plumbing will immediately be felt wet spots on the sheets.

After spending such manipulation and making sure that everything is in order is calculated with a specialist.

Be sure to save the phone number of the works of artist and enjoy a well-functioning plumbing.