Absolutely free map of the Savings Bank

  • Dec 24, 2019

Not everyone knows that Sberbank has a debit card, which is issued free of charge for ten minutes, she had a free service and free online banking.
That's just on the site Sberbank you it can not find.

Map called Momentum.
Go to "pick a card," it does not exist, but if you press "choose a debit card", you can find it.

The technology of its production is simple: come to any branch of Sberbank and say you want to get a free debit card Momentum. More dependent on the branch. :)

They say sometimes going to a council of the bank employees, who will begin to dissuade you, to tell me that this card is not safe and try to vparit you paid, and better credit card. Be persistent and insist that you need a Momentum and nothing else. Workers give up and will give you a map (although, they say, there are times when these cards in the branches end).

The next frontier - the consultants at ATMs. They will try to force you paid mobile bank and insist that otherwise all your money necessarily stolen. Feel free to give up and do tell them that everything is done themselves without their help. Insert a new card in the ATM, dial pin-code, which themselves have come up with, when they received the card, click the bottom right corner (where the service) and select "Mobile Banking" and then "tariff Economy ". This tariff free, and on it you will come to the phone SMS to transfer money on the card and passwords for debiting. SMS on costs will not come, but also not very desirable.

If you have not connected Sberbank online, connect it to the same ATM menu.

When I discovered that my Momentum expired and went into the office, I had already mentally prepared to "fight" with employees Sberbank, but to my surprise, the issuance of a new card taken five minutes and nothing vparit I did not try (probably because I already had the map). Map given only two and a half years (maybe they were more "fresh", but I did not pay attention).

If you ask me why "shoot up and eat a cactus", if there is a lot more appropriate banks, I answer that I have 20 cards of different banks, which I use and Sberbank card is a must - half the country's population and Sberbank to send someone money or get always need "Savings". In addition, Sberbank card refer Lamptest.ru site Support the project and much easier to help draft it transfers to the Savings Bank of the map.

A few words about what makes this card.
In the first full internet bank "Sberbank Online", enabling the free transfer of the Savings Bank customers.
Secondly it is possible to free "pull the money" through internet banking
Tinkoff, Rocket (Up to 30,000 rubles per day), and halva.
Thirdly, this card can pay in stores and online stores.
Fourthly, it is possible to withdraw money at ATMs of Sberbank (up to 25,000 rubles per day) for free.

P.S. Found that on my account Sberbank have money. I tried to "pull" them into the Tinkoff. It did not happen with the error "bank refused the operation." Five minutes later, comes SMS "Translations card card rejected as suspicious" (here such affixes, yes :). A minute later comes SMS "Testing is complete, you can perform the operation again." The second time, money well spent.

Sberbank still very strange. :)

© Alexey Nadozhin