My honor is not for sale, I said to my friend giving up paid work

  • Dec 24, 2019

Recently, the familiar manager of the sale of plumbing, let's call it, Sergei, was offered a job, well paid. But in other major cities. On the first he said it was clear that the need to replace the counters in the apartments expired.

His conditions were as follows:

- "With each completed application with a partner you will receive 1,500 rubles, applications a day will be from 10 to 15 units."- Confidently said SergeShe is gazing into my eyes. Looking at them greedy side of the soul.

-"I and one for the same amount could work "- joyfully she told him.

- "One can not be paired safer" - Answered Gray.

Probably will work like this, I thought.
Probably will work like this, I thought.

Immediately appeared in my little head question -"And what you do not rack up them there, in the same city, where are replaced water meters?" -

Serge: -"I need reliable people, the more local refuse for some reason" -

I :-"So what's the catch? And for a half-hour to work the price is very high, "-

Serge:- "I have people who distribute leaflets in mailboxes around the city, they contain threat, if not change the water meter apartment owners face a fine or the payment of inflated regulations. This leaflet are conducted pensioners and poorly educated people. Of course, this leaflet does not have any power. But the volume of a large spread of fakes. Therefore, there are also some people call the number where they are treated specially taught people

"Call centers"Who work for us. You just have to replace meters at inflated prices, slip them a contract that claims have not. That's the whole work.

Earlier in the same way they have worked with us.
Earlier in the same way they have worked with us.

- "Well, that's not a bad scheme?"- He asked me.

I:-"The scheme is good, but for you. I have to think. "- Said I his.

- "No, I refuse to cheat pensioners and make people curse, it is not for me. Thanks...

In the end it turned out that the replacement of 4 meters, when referring to him in the company, with the work and cheaper metering devices was 10,000 rubles. A replacement of one 4,000 rubles. Type counters the more the greater the discount.

Honestly I do not need that kind of money, even though he said it was possible to "raise" from 70,000 rubles. a month doing simple work. But for me the honor of expensive, let my salary is 25 000 rubles. But his own, plus part-time job there. But sometimes, you reflect on this quote:

 "Conscience is come up with evil men, that she was tormented by the good." Stas Jankowski
"Conscience is come up with evil men, that she was tormented by the good."
Stas Jankowski

Take care not to fall into the hands of fraudsters!

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