TV from anywhere in the LCD panel

  • Dec 24, 2019

I am impressed by the review to read yesterday. It turns for 1000 rubles from any LCD panel (at least from a faulty TV, at least from the monitor, even from laptop), you can make a modern TV with DVB-T2 tuner, HDMI-input, remote control and USB-player, bought here such a thing.

It is a universal Main-board (or scaler), which has outlets on the LCD panel, speakers, remote control receiver, control buttons. The board processor, a tuner (analogue and DVB-T2), connectors inputs.

It turns out that all LCD panels have the same connection interface differs only in the resolution, the power supply voltage (3.3, 5, 12) and the coding control signals. All this universal Main-board supports: it Comes with a bunch of different panel firmware files. Before you use the correct file is written to the USB flash drive is inserted into the board, and she herself sews. That's so easy.

It's funny that when the card can display the logos of SONY, Samsung and LG to choose from. :)
This is done to repair televisions, who burned the main board.

Author review using this card has recovered 42 lyuymovy TV Philips, and many are doing it with the help of a TV or monitor with HDMI and VGA inputs from older laptops screens.

On Aliexpress these boards full. The cheapest - $ 15.35 with shipping.

I did not know that was possible and was surprised that all the LCD panels from different manufacturers the same interface. Anything in this imperfect world could be standardized. :)

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