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  • Dec 24, 2019

For good health a person needs some fresh air. Unfortunately, in most apartments is no ventilation system, and the closed windows turn an apartment in the "gas chamber", where the concentration of carbon dioxide exhaled by man, very quickly lead to fatigue, headaches and other unpleasant consequences.

Out of this situation two: keep the window open or install a ventilation system that draws air from the street. In winter, keep the window open is difficult because of the frost, and in the summer because of the street noise, so a home ventilation system have been gaining in popularity.

Eighteen months ago, I talked about Ballu Air Master. Recently released a new version of the supply of a cleaner Air Master 2In which many of the shortcomings have been corrected.

So far, no stable names for compact domestic ventilation devices. They are called and breathers and vents and compact ventilation units. Ballu calls his device the supply air purifier.

To install the unit is a hole of 130 mm in the wall of a house diamond drilling (allowed), through ventilator which draws air, filters it, heats if necessary, and feeds in room.

Prribor can operate as air cleaner, withdrawing air from the room.

By Air Master 2 appearance is not very different from the first version. The main differences inside.

First of all, in the mode of ventilation device does not draws the air out of the room. The damper is provided with a magnetic lock and opens quietly, instead contact the extreme positions of the Hall sensors are now being used.

The Air Master 2 applied the new engine.

Electronics is now working silently - eliminated squeak, that would be heard during the first batches of the first version of the ventilator, there is no more the clicking when switching speeds - Relay replaced by thyristors (there were only two relays, including ultraviolet and ionizer lamp).

The temperature sensor is now installed on the first filter and temperature control works exactly (earlier because of the inertia of the filters had problems with that).

The new device uses a new carbon filter with less resistance passing air.

The back of the body has become a darker green replaced the mechanical switch to gray to white wire and a long (4 meters).

Behind the housing through the cracks seen a different color card: at the first Airmaster green, 2 blue from Airmaster.

The only change on the remote - the inscription "Air Master 2".

The manufacturer gives the following instrument performance at speeds of 1-5: 40/80/120/160/200 m³ / hour, indicating that it may vary depending on the equipment filters.

I measured the Air Master 2 performance with the anemometer Testo 417 is equipped with an expansion funnel.

The device is sold without a heater (though now he goes for shares as a gift). With relatively clean air in the street is enough to use one filter F5, so I measured performance three configurations: a single heater without filter F5, without heater with three filters, with the heater and three filters.

To the carbon dioxide level in the room does not exceed 1000 ppm (maximum permissible concentration for a longer stay), it is necessary to continuously supply into the room at least 30 m³ / h fresh air. To ensure the CO2 concentration of less than 800 ppm for one person needs 50 m³ / hour. (

This means that if you set the heater and all filters for a single person will be sufficient the second speed, and the two men will have to include a fourth speed that is already quite noisy. If you use the device with a single filter the F5, for one person enough first rate, and the second for two.

The device can be mounted CO2 sensor, then it will automatically adjust the speed, always maintaining the required level of fresh air.

At first I did not hear the noise of the air speed, but little is heard of the engine. In the second speed air noise can be heard, but does not interfere with sleep, however many seem very quiet, and the third speed.

I measured noise level at a distance of 1 meter from the housing with the tool UNI-T UT353 ( A fixed minimum noise value, to compensate for any external transient sounds. When switched off Air Master 2 sound level meter showed 36,3 dBa.

Measurement result:

1/2/3/4/5 speed - 37,1 / 39,9 / 45,7 / 52,0 / 56,6 dBa.

It is not necessary to compare these results with the results obtained by other instruments: in the quiet the sound of the instrument intrinsic noise strongly affects the results (note 36 dBa at full silence).

For those who have not read my review of the first Air Master, talk about the supply of a cleaner.

An inlet adjacent to the wall of the channel to outside.

The first strainer catches down and does not allow insects to get inside the instrument.

The filter is worth an optional heater is required for heating in the winter air. Install and remove the heater can be, without disassembling the device. two screws and remove the cover enough to turn off.

Next, the air passes through the filters. Maximum set of filters - F5, Hepa H11 and coal. Minimum - one F5.

The air then passes by the UV lamp switchable fan and sucked.

To the right of the fan should be switched off ionizer.

On the left side wall of the case has a retractable tray aromamasel. Air is blown through the bottom grating device.

On the right side of the body is a mechanical power switch. Control buttons on the body is not present - the unit can only be controlled with the remote.

At the center top of the front panel has an LCD screen with a bright green backlight that illuminates 5 seconds after pressing any button on the remote.

The unit has separate buttons to enable or disable the ionization and ultraviolet lamp. + And - buttons switch the five fan speeds in the original mode button located under the "OK" button opens and closes the damper fresh air, on the right button of the selection mode it causes the target heater temperature. Disable no heater, the temperature can be set from 5 to 35 degrees. Sleep button sets the minimum speed of the fan, it is practically the same as the first speed.

The device has a sensor PM2.5 dust which is used in the automatic mode, the room air purification. Here's how to instructions described in Auto mode:

Glafira and "inner world" of the device.

Supply air cleaner Ballu Air Master 2 sold complete with three filters without heater for 29990 rubles. Heater worth 3500 rubles, but now it comes in a gift of shares.

F5 filters and carbon cost to 1590 rubles each, the filter Hepa H11 worth 1990 rubles.

Carbon dioxide sensor to automatically manage, worth 6500 rubles fan speeds.

Additional WIFI module for 4000 rubles allows you to control the device from your smartphone and see on the screen the values ​​of PM2.5 and CO2, if the appropriate sensor.

Air Master 2 made qualitatively, it has good filters, it is quite silent on the first and second speed and has high productivity. the first version of the problem corrected in the new model.

Yesterday I installed Ballu Air Master 2 in his bedroom. I'll try to use it in various modes, including a CO2 sensor. Gather statistics, CO2 monitoring data, and discuss the results.

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