How to hang in grams? Or milliliters. :)

  • Dec 24, 2019

Glancing at the two identical package of milk standing on the table, I found that they are not quite the same.

You see the difference?

On the first packet is written - 925 ml, the second - 950 And what do you think vskidku where more milk? :)

The average density of the milk 1.030 g / cm³, i.e. 1.03 * 925 ml = 952.75 c. 925 ml of slightly more than 950 c. We weigh.

Almost the same. I wonder why the manufacturer first wrote a larger number of 950 grams, and then began to write less - 925 ml?

Well, at the same time about the trick manufacturers. They put less and less in the package, the amount of which was traditionally 1 liter or 1 kilogram. The "36 cents" package my favorite pasteurized milk ( It has just 873 ml, and was once a liter.

Do you pay attention to the real weight of the product in kilogram / liter package?

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