That add to the soup, so that it always produces a rich red color. I share your recipe

  • Dec 24, 2019

Each hostess should be able to cook soup, because this dish - the basis of culinary skill, well, at least that's what my mother told me. And I, as a dutiful daughter, since adolescence began to feed his own family cooking, including a soup, of course, was in the first place.

Now, after a few decades, I can finally say that, yes, I know how to cook really delicious soup, which is eaten with pleasure for a couple of days. In this article I will discuss how I pass the cooking process, as well as I share the secrets of how to make borscht beautiful red color.

So, here are the products that I use:

Potatoes - 5 pcs.
Beetroot - 1 units.
Cabbage - 400 g,
Beef tenderloin - 200 g,
Beef on the bone - 500g
Onions - 1 units.
Garlic - 2 cloves,
Tomato paste - 2 tbsp. l.,
Carrots - 1 units.
Water - 3 l,
Salt, ground black pepper, Lavrushka - to taste.

First, cook the broth - meat of the need to add water, add a few bay leaves and cook for half an hour.
To obtain a clear brothIt is necessary to remove the foam formed immediately after boiling water.

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At that time, I used to study and prepare the other vegetables - I cut the potatoes and onion, gently rub grated carrots with beets, and even nashinkovyvayu cabbage and garlic is crushed.

Then cooked meat must be removed from our stock and all of its cut into small pieces (as you conveniently).

Getting zazharki - first passiruem onions, then add to the carrots and, when it fry, add to the pan beets. This is followed by all to fry a couple of minutes, and then pour 2 ladles of broth and add to the tomato - let beets good stew.

The main secret of red borsch - red zazharkiThat does not lose its color if it drip a little vinegar or lemon juice - Here's a little trick.

Put a pot of broth on the fire: salt and pepper to taste. We begin to gradually add in the future all soup ingredients prepared in advance - potatoes, cabbage and meat. When the potato is ready, pour in zazharku saucepan, boil and give a borscht, covering it with a lid, turn off the fire. Borsch should be sure to infuse for about 30 min., After which it can already eat.

Here's a borschets I cook for my family - a hearty, delicious and aromatic, with sour cream and greenfinch, by the way, it looks even more appetizing. So, dear mistress, stock up the necessary ingredients, and forward - to please the family this culinary masterpiece!

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