Podglyadel device from a neighbor to save water and nerves made him a

  • Dec 24, 2019

The other day, the conversation turned to a neighbor about how you can save even more water without resorting to the thieves' methods such as magnets on the counter, and all sorts of ways to stop the metering. We talked about the use of aerators, as well as the fact that it uses thermostatic mixerIn order not to pour the excess hot and cold setting at the desired temperature. I was interested, asked for him at home to look like he assembled system. Photos did not do it so as not to confuse a good man. In fact it was not very collected, all the hoses. I was curious as to what pressure?

- "The pressure was reduced due to the small flow section, but my family does not bother us, and comfortable." - Said the neighbor.

According to him the water consumed was smaller and the shower bathing became more comfortable, does not burn by hot and cold water.

Decided, I gather themselves the same "Pribluda". I will save nerves and money. But before Thermomixer I came out of the store 'Net, there are cheaper than us offline.

Collect system decided together with the replacement input valves and meters in polypropylene tubes without narrowed passage sections. Dobral necessary material.

Next, the process developed pokovaniya threads (podmatyvaniya).

Before screwed corner of the mixer removed from it strainer to reduce hydrodynamic drag.

To enter the front of the unit accounting is a mesh filter, a thermal head contamination is possible. Especially since it has a very fine mesh.

The assembly process is as follows, you can flip through photos in the gallery.

As a result, mounted so that it is possible to disconnect the water treatment system and the use of hot and cold water separately, for example when there are problems with Thermomixer.

A prerequisite for the installation of thermal heads in the system is the presence of the check valves. In case of breakage thereof is likely trapped by the hot water in cold water through your risers counters in the home.

It is also desirable to set the pressure regulator on the cold-water and hot water since in these systems, different pressure and optionally incorrect operation of the thermostatic mixer, but I decided to save and test the functionality without additional costs.


  1. Check valves 2 pcs. -280 rubles.
  2. Corners 2 sht.- 180 rubles
  3. Counters 2 pcs. - 890 rubles
  4. Cranes sharovye- free
  5. filter-free
  6. Truby- free (I work as a plumber, I can afford)
  7. Thermomixer, the price is always changing, look at sayte- link

You will have different prices, so consider yourself, if you decide to. But keep in mind the whole system pays for itself through savings in hot water. Exhibited a comfortable temperature of 38 degrees and wash up to health without straining and pouring the excess expensive water.

The following article will tell you how I connected the assembled system and whether or not I am satisfied with ...