I put meters in a dormitory. Still shaking from what you see unsanitary

  • Dec 24, 2019

I, like any human being, there are moments when hunting to quit your job and send their heads of the forest, a breath of fresh air. AND the day has come today ...

The Job setting common application for installation of water meters in a dormitory, neither of which is complicated, the ordinary work. But not today.

Climbed to the floor to their place of work, he knocked on the door of the overall unit. Do not open. Foot knocked on the door, silence. I had to re-call the landlady who give the room. Only after this action kvartirosemschitsa opened the door, apparently they have not decided to open the door to those who are breaking in "apartments". Because it is contingent in your dorm, saturated vapor fume with crap in the corners of the entrance and the stairwell.

Going into the corridor began to look around looking for a bathroom and a place where to lay his scrub and hang a jacket. It was hard to do. Everywhere was dirty, the question of how to remove their shoes were not. I had the feeling that at the center of the room exploded pie with raisins. And this "raisins was everywhere."

To my surprise, looking more closely, "Cheese" on the walls and the ceiling for some reason moved. It dawned on me cockroaches ...

Ugh I hate them as I write this article I have five times shuddered at the photos of cockroaches. They will not spread in the article itself. In order not to cause unpleasant feelings among its readers. And who loves the thrill - photos Attached in comments.

Going to the toilet and turn on the light hordes of prehistoric insects fled in their corners, and some in a brazen hang where they were caught.

- "They all fear lost after I had tried to poison their dichlorvos "- He told me kvartirosemschitsa defensively with guilt.

Disgust increasingly rolled on me, I decided to call the mistress of the room, to refuse to work. But she persuaded me:

- "We can not bring cockroaches, they move from room to room. Ventilation and cracks in the panels. The management company does not contribute to the elimination of prblemy and cockroaches is becoming more and more. And the rent dorm without meters is very high, so I beg do their job, "-

Courage and spitting on his fastidiousness had to assist the landlady. The hardest part was to install metering device for the toilet, or when it is so does not hang my body and hands to avoid being hurt the cockroaches and the wall on which they moved and left their mark.

After finishing work on the installation of water meters I caught myself thinking that feeling of disgust to the "dinosaurs with a mustache" silent disappears. A man gets used to everything, even to cockroaches and unsanitary as it kvartirosemschitsa. For hanging children's things it was clear that her live little kids, that's a fact jarred my soul. In such circumstances, and even with children, God be their judge.

By the way private firms for the destruction of insect pests refuse to give a guarantee on their work in this house. My guess is that there is no man in the room of the apartment buildings where cockroaches wait out the time of pickling, and then go to the "free bread" again.

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