Why not tied cabbage Kachan and what to do

  • Dec 24, 2019

It happens that during the growth of cabbage, we find a very unpleasant surprise - the absence of heads. This problem may be the result not only of our mistakes in the care of plants, but also as a consequence of the "tricks" of nature, namely, unsuitable weather conditions. I want this article to talk about the main factors that influence not only on the growth of heads of cabbage, but also on the entire crop as a whole.

First thing I draw your attention to the selection of seeds. And anyway, it's not only the cabbage, but all the crops that you grow on your site - buy seeds only from reliable sellers, otherwise you can just slip substandard "material". How is this possible? It is very simple, for example, the same cabbage can pereopylilis with other plants of the cabbage family, and the resulting hybrid of this, certainly not be able to provide you a rich harvest.

Another important point - the right place for the cabbage patch. Cabbage is very fond of the sun's rays, so it is best to put in the place where the whole day you can bask in the sun. Besides, do not forget that blocking access of light can not only trees and shrubs, but also planted near cabbage patch tall vegetable crops. The result is that the cabbage will spend their energies to rise up, and the formation of heads, energy, she will not stay longer.

But open rays of the scorching sun, too, can have a negative impact on the plant. For, to protect cabbage from extreme heat, Tie it leaves on top of the cabbage heads - because they are hidden in a makeshift "buds" from overheating.

I also I recommend dressing cabbage using manure and ash. To do this, I take almost a full bucket of water, pour half a liter cans to fresh manure and add somewhere in the 50-60 grams of wood ash.

Next day 3-4 I wait and then pour one glass a feeding under every bush and carefully watered the whole cabbage before.

Watering - the key to a good harvest. Cabbage should be regularly filled with water to the soil dabbing at least 30 cm. Only in such circumstances, evaporating through the large leaves moisture is replenished. Ideally flower bed is better to zamulchirovat - the soil is not so much cool and will permanently remain moist.

And, of course, loosening. If you do not loosen the ground, then it eventually crust is formed, which prevents the entry of oxygen into the ground. This can significantly affect and cabbage - a plant inhibits the growth and the formation of heads, respectively.

These are the main reasons for poor harvest cabbage. If you are in the garden found its flaws, then get rid of them, at the end of the season is guaranteed to get a large and healthy cabbage!

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