"The drought They are not afraid"

  • Dec 24, 2019

These plants - simply ideal for forgetful people. They easily withstand difficult conditions and look great, and they do not need special watering.

Eremurus Himalayan

This garden plant blooms in early summer, admiring the snow-white, dense buds. It looks great, both individually and in the company's other plants. The average height reaches 100-120 cm. Desert requires permeable soil. In winter, they must be coated to protect from the thick layer of leaves and foils.


If we want to bring a Mediterranean climate in the garden, choose a small tamarisk. This is an extremely ornamental shrub with openwork "design", with thin leaves and charming pink flowers. However, let us not be deceived by appearance. Despite the delicate appearance of this garden plant is very resistant to drought, soil salinity, as well as to pests, air pollution and frost. Grow it easily.

Clematis Bill McKenzie

A large group of plants includes dry clematis. "Bill McKenzie 'is not only easy to grow on soil that is prone to drying out, but also perfectly blooms. Enough to support it, and quickly cover a fence, trellis and pergolas - it can reach a height of up to six meters! His unusually yellow flowers will please our eyes from June until autumn. However, the advantages do not end there, as clematis flowering after impressive feather covered buds.

Green Spider - Chlorophytum

Here is a wonderful garden plant for busy people. The shrub is easy to grow and requires little or no maintenance (it is early spring needs only the vase life). The most important thing - to provide its solar conditions and permeable soil. The plant has a lot of delicate white flowers, which are the most beautiful flower in full sun. In the penumbra her they will be less. The plant is highly resistant not only to drought but also to pests and low temperatures.

Dianthus deltoides

We can find it on dry grasslands or roadside slopes. She has also established itself as a garden plant, which is happiest on light, permeable soils.

It creates a group of tiny, narrow leaves, which are visible from a long stems, ending with pink flowers. The plant grows quickly, so be careful not to drown out the other. Pink flowers give the area a warm and at the same time a romantic atmosphere. Because of this, he fits perfectly into a rustic gardens and English style.

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