Three plumbers error due to which the broken pipe

  • Dec 24, 2019

Recently, more and more work on the replacement and installation of water meters, water meters in people. When replacing the water meters are sometimes situations arise that the normal key 30 is impossible to unscrew the nut. Therefore, always carry a pipe wrench number 2 and another one is in the car.

At the next attempt to unscrew the counter had to use large keys that are mentioned in the photo. Both keys captured rusted nuts and made great efforts in their loosening. I had to literally break them, good place dismantling was at waist level. Nut has sharply gone otkruchivatsya ...

But because of the sharp relief force from the keys went to the tube, and she broke off in a corner. And also flew top cover hydrometer.

Area was not to break off, the damping properties of the polypropylene abound apparently previous assembling welded pipes with no sufficiently warmed apparatus, ie the connection was "cold", or to the place of the joint is exposed to water and quenched weld when connected details.

I had to digest the compounds, and to mount the device on account of new places and nuts.

As a result, there are three errors counted installer of water meters, look at the photos carefully.

Three errors

1) The photo shows that the filter - settling tank is not installed in the direction of fluid flow as well as it must be installed on the horizontal portion, the filter will not catch dirt.

2) iron on Hydrometer nuts are used over time, they are oxidised very particularly the combination of: an iron-counter nut brass.

3) The defect in the pipe fitting likely "subcooled" compound when operating the welding apparatus. The operating temperature of nozzles for soldering fittings should be 250-270 degrees.

3.1) It is also possible not stand while holding the fittings and pipes on the unit, it is a for each diameter.

3.2) Such breakage can also heated when the pipe and fitting were combined and begin to rotate, which leads to internal stress of welded materials during cooling.

3.3) Water Contact with weld material and rapid cooling - which leads to poor connection.

It seems to be.

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