How to cook a ladder to the steps were exactly in the horizontal plane

  • Dec 25, 2019

Friends all welcome. We continue the series of articles with tips on welding, for all those people who have decided to develop its own. And now I tell you how to mark up and cook the ladder, so steps were exactly in the horizontal plane.

Yandex source pictures
Yandex source pictures

Metal went on, the benefit that it is close to work, and has bought 3 meters shaped tube 40 to 20 2mm thick and corner-piece 40 of 2 meters. My friend beekeeper ordered semnoy ladder for beekeeping booth, with dimensions, length 140 cm, width 92 cm and its height, where it will mount at 100cm-booth. Task weld metal frame mounting, a ladder rungs boards.

Spaced metal to the desired size and cut his grinder.

Set over garage door proftrubu, to a height of 100 cm, to once again assess its visual angle of slope at the booth. In this ladder will be only 4 steps.

Painted metal sheet an arbitrary angle of inclination of the ladder with its size, the size of another side of the triangle, removing the sizes with booth, I did not write, because it was not exactly, and was inundated with on one side, we calculate the size of themselves, as if she was smooth.

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To make your life easier with the calculations we need the size and marking the corners of the future steps in horizon, we need to just simply reduce the size of the original stairs several times and draw all this. I reduced 5 times and see that to get the size, which is now convenient to operate.

At the same time, drawing a right angle and moving the ladder to size, we got a missing dimension is the distance from the place where the ladder rests on the ground to the intersection with a ladder height. And surprisingly, it turned out the same size as the height-actually by accident.

You are now ready to calculate the markup by which our steps are in the horizon for a given slope of the stairs. To do this, we kind of put into our proftrubu triangle on the edge-side 4 cm and using arbitrary polygon, anywhere intersecting conducting pipe line, which is parallel to the bottom side of the triangle (when viewed from the straight).

We obtain the required marking line steps are welded, which can now be transferred to proftrubu (who does not forget the school geometry, all this is easily understood).

Since the steps we will have 4, then we have to break our whips shaped tube into 5 equal parts, 140 cm divide by 5 and get away between 28 cm markings on this layout we draw the resulting steps tilting line, and applying to these lines 40 corner pieces all them we catch.

After the tack we combine both tubes with the corners to control them over the same position.

Everything turned out exactly, we can now easily scald them. Once we scalded corners of our profiled tube will be pulled from the welding arc and little vygnetsya. Do not forget to straighten it, but only when the welding seams is almost or completely cooled down.

Now we take and grab the pipes with welded corners temporary spacers to expose ladder structure diagonally, and that it is hard for further work on the deck planks on steps. Let's see what happens.

I hope to get more or less explain the steps marking technology ladder. Here the most important thing to know the size you want and simply reduce them several times for the convenience of calculation and markup, and then simply move these markings on the ladder parts.

Well, you can do quite simply put the side cover ladder to the desired slope-you exactly how it will stand forever. Take a plumb, and from any arbitrary point of the bokovinki throw vertical plummet, and with the help of marking gon do this sidewall, having a basis cord plummet. The position of this line on the sidewall material is transferred into all the points of the future steps, all is simple!

Yandex source pictures
Yandex source pictures

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