7 can not be in the plumbing for girls

  • Dec 24, 2019

A lot of time the majority of women are in the kitchen. Protects the family home and prepares all sorts of sweets for his men and children, as well the beautiful half of humanity keeps order in the toilets and baths. By the nature of its activities with the plumbing work and I see mistakes that allow our ladies. The information will be useful not only for women but also for men who take care on the shoulders of cooking and cleaning.

Should not be disposed ofcleaning and waste drains

Some women do not know how the sewer system in an apartment building, so allow extremely stupid mistake. Apple or potato fused cleaning the toilet. Going through their white friend, they clog the sewer pipes at the exit of the house. Due to the carelessness of one person affects the first floors.., they poured out a hideous black mass of feces. In any case so do not throw the toilet hygiene. Just do not remove the protective mesh of waste collected in the sink

Well you can not pourir and oil in the small diameter sewers

In recent years, the food is quite fatty, the remains of the fat or oil after cooking is poured into the sink, which leads to faster overgrowing of small diameter sewers and leads to clogged. Greasy fluid to drain better in "the white friend", but pre-cooled this mass.

Not be allowed to goryachee the toilet

Many people know that if a cold glass jar pour boiling water it is likely to burst. So it is with a toilet, a relatively cold toilet will not tolerate meeting with boiling water. From such an impact it can burst. Or enamel "other white" cracks occur spoiling its appearance.

You can not blindly use cleaning products

Carefully read the instructions for the cleaning agents, especially the professional series. Improper use may cause damage to plumbing fixtures, some of them are not cheap.

Do not overload the mixer

Very often housewives used as a stick the spout of the mixer-dryer is not necessary to do so. A high probability of breakage of the spout unnecessarily load on the threaded connection becomes very large.

Do not overtighten the thumbscrew mixer

Modern plumbing demands a gentle attitude Like many men of our society, if the mixer digs, does not close completely, then it should not be with all the dope to twist the thumbscrew. And should just ask favorite man head parts to replace the cartridge or inside the mixer.

Do not use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning rascals

If you have a clogged sewer pipe is easier to call a plumber or use special tools such as "Mole". Method of mixing vinegar and baking soda into a drain pipe reaches its full effectiveness in a sealed overlapping the drain hole. In this case, the excess pressure created by the carbon dioxide may clean clogged. But the absolute tightness of the drain hole, you do not get anywhere. Simply use a plunger... Is not it?

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