How and what to choose cost effective heater for the house?

  • Dec 26, 2019

With the onset of cold weather there is a need to acquire additional heater.

The reasons may be different:

  • Creating a comfortable temperature in the children's room or a corner.
  • Heating non-permanent residence (cottage, rural house).
  • Additional heating the apartment during the cold snap.

Types of heating device


The principle of operation of the device is simple. The air is forced by a fan through an electric heating element, spiral, ceramic plates, being heated to a selected temperature.

The device is very quickly warms the room, after 10 minutes you will experience a significant increase in air temperature in the room. It is equipped with a power regulator, with which you can maintain the desired temperature.

The apparatus has automatic protection against overheating, expensive models have a remote control, timer, air ionization mechanism and rotating in different directions. Design different: round, square, floor, wall and. etc.


  • The budget cost.
  • Quick heating.


  • Noise.
  • Dry air (that is harmful to patients with respiratory diseases).

oil heaters

The principle of operation is based on a radiator heating element and oils, they are located within the housing. The device is equipped with a temperature controller, further some models equipped with fans, timers. Integrated thermostat support selected temperature.

Number of sections in them may be different. Oil retains heat, even after turning off for 20 minutes, to move around the room have wheels.

The device is shaped like a battery of central heating and has a significant place. When the rules of operation specified in the instruction can be operated continuously.


  • Ability to operate around the clock.
  • Fire safety.


  • Powerful devices consume a lot of electricity.
  • Big sizes.


The principle of operation of the device. Taken from below the cold air passes through the heating element extends outwardly from the top. By its action it looks like a heater, but is silent.
The panel select the desired temperature and turn on the device. The device has a thermostat that automatically turns the convector, if the room temperature below your selected.

Device large, for moving the flat has legs and a handle, it can not be installed on a carpet with long pile coating.


  • Well heated room.
  • Economical, quiet.


  • Dry air.
  • Long heated.

IR heater Micatermic

Based on the infrared radiation heating technology space, does not dry the air, it operates quietly, retains moisture, automatically maintains the set temperature in the room.

The device operates on the principle of solar radiation, the device sent plate infrared waves, they are heated objects and things and then air. the temperature increase is felt instantly.

Device consumes 35% less power during operation is not heated, but heat will be comfortable only action of IR radiation zone, the cost of twice the conventional heater.

The ideal device for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the room space. You can place it on the wall of the room (weight 4 kg).


  • Do not dry the air.
  • Silent and compact.


  • High price.
  • Heats that enters the zone of the infrared waves.

electric fire

Fireplace Electric heater may be designed, convector IR emitter. Combines with fireplace imitation wood, highlighted by a special lamp.

The device simulates a real fireplace adorns the interior of the apartment.

When you select should pay attention to the following conditions:

  • room size and number of windows.
  • Additional or heater core.
  • Operating mode clock or temporary.

To work around the clock mode, the following devices are suitable: convector, oil cooler, Micatermic IR heater. They must be equipped with protection against overheating (termostatatom).

For rapid heating of large area ideal heaters (heat gun). They are warm as the room for 10-20 minutes. A good option for a cottage or country house.

The most economical of power consumption are the oil cooler (low power) Micatermic IR heater. If you need a device at a minimum price, should opt for a convector, oil heaters. See table.

On the cost of the device can be affected by additional options:

  • Remote control.
  • Timer.
  • Device for humidifying air.
  • Electronic control (mechanical cheaper).

Think about it, they need you to pay a significant amount.