Wife forced to put in order the loggia. As we had done it!

  • Dec 26, 2019

Where are the old shoes? Where sled or boxes of old toys? And these questions can be asked a huge amount. The answer is they have one - loggia. As this small area can accommodate as many of the old, but "very necessary" things.

Sunrooms in most cases are storage function or location where the dried laundry. But in many ways a modern design and options of their registration in the cozy lounges, work rooms or conservatories. If there was a desire to equip this room, it is necessary to start with the warming and only then carry out design fantasies.

Photo: Yandex Pictures
Photo: Yandex Pictures

balcony frame

Before embarking on the work necessary to check the balcony frame. As far as it is functional and will help to keep warm in winter, maybe there is a need to update it. And if there is no frame at all, then of course you need to install it.


Repair of balconies is necessary to start from the floor insulation. If the floor is made of ceramic tile, then it is better for her to establish a system of floor heating. Warm, possibly with the help of a high density EPS boards, on top of them to perform work on the foundation and the leveling screed, and then to lay the flooring.


Clean the wall from the previous finish. Close up opened a crack. Can insulate both mineral wool mats and foam. Under mineral wool is necessary to build a framework of bars or profiles, so that the distance between the bars were across the width, and it tightly without gaps to sit down.

Photo: Yandex Pictures
Photo: Yandex Pictures

Close recommended wool vapor barrier membrane. Required ventilation space is left between the film and the finishing material. For these purposes, the carcass is selected bar 2 cm greater than the thickness of insulation. Or the top rail jams. On the basis of the finished bars are mounted gypsum plasterboard. Are sealed joints and puttied entire surface.

It has a high thermal conductivity and foam. There are several variants of warming with it. One - is laying it in a frame made of slats in the assembly foam. When using frame further CLADDING carried out as mineral wool. Applications isolating film is not required.

But there is another way. For this material with a special glue is fixed on the wall surface to avoid peeling in cases the operation of the entire insulation system, it is better to fix the foam with dowels, the so-called "Fungi". Then a first layer of plaster is applied, it is rubbed reinforcing plastic mesh, and then a second layer of plaster. At the finished surface after its drying, and a primer may be applied decoration.


Thermal insulation of the ceiling is not required. His ennoble sheet set drywall or other material. And you can just putty irregularities, primed and painted.

Photo: Yandex Pictures
Photo: Yandex Pictures

After further warming and decorative finishes, balcony becomes an equivalent location, where you can spend leisure time with a cup of coffee or a favorite thing in comfortable surroundings.

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