How to make the carrying of a soft start for the equipment?

  • Dec 26, 2019

To prolong the tool life of one of the important conditions is the smooth start-up when switched on. But the devices provided for this special scheme - it is expensive brands, such as Bosch and Hilti. Embedded in each instrument soft starter unit is inconvenient, long, expensive. Such acts, moreover, lead to loss of warranty. And to do so with a stationary outlet device is not profitable, because to work with a power tool portability is important.

Will be the manufacturing yield of sufficient length to carry the soft starter block (PPO) tool.

In this case we get no such unpleasant moments:

  • Arcing and burn anchor slats on it;
  • Accelerated stitching and burning of brush;
  • Early failure of the rotor windings of the stator;
  • Shooting current into the grid when the network connection;
  • The acceleration gear actuation;
  • Increased risk of injury during start-up and sudden jerks.

Preparation for the installation of devices

Production and application of carrying a small BPP save money on buying new power tools, extending the life of old. To living conditions sufficient to apply the block 12A with the acronym KRRQD12A (see. figure below).

Such a device should be used for start-up and operation of the collector type power tool motor with the power to 2500 watts. By purchasing BPP should choose an extension cord of sufficient length to work. You also need to prepare a separate electrical outlet, a piece of soft stranded copper wire, tools, heat shrink or electrical tape. If the wires are soldered to the extender and not bolted on the bolted connection, you will need a soldering iron, rosin, solder.

Stages of installation works

In the presence of a minimum level of skill in electrical work and proper preparation, all steps will not take more than 15 minutes. Preparing copper wire of 2.5 mm, it should be cleaned from both sides. Then, by removing the cover from the extension cord should be removed from his pad.

Tinned pad in place of soldering, then it is soldered to the prepared copper wire. The same operation is repeated for the second area.

After carefully held soldering and neat routing of cables extension lid is closed.

Then you need to take the square socket for outdoor installation, in its hull placed BPP. Its dimensions are compact enough problems with placement inside will not arise.

Care should be taken to make installation of the block of wires in a wall outlet. It should necessarily be connected to the wire, regardless of whether this phase or zero. Serve PPO to zero and the phase can not simultaneously. Wiring diagram should look like this:

There is no difference on which side of the block is input, and which side is connected the output. After the connections, welds and the application of isolation in place of possible twists, collect power outlet with the unit, close the lid, carrying the collected ready to work.

Now, including an electric plug in socket received, we get a smooth start. And it will save the tool, internal power supply, reduce the risk of injury at the beginning of the owner. Small and inexpensive unit soft start can help save money, if you make a little effort and spend a quarter of an hour.

If you accidentally switch the tool in such a socket with BPP, equipped with a built-in soft-start factory performance, then it will work. But thus we get start delay turn about 2 seconds.

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