4 options for connecting insulated wires to a modular machine

  • Dec 26, 2019

In the last decade to enter the power cable to private buildings and other facilities are increasingly used by brand wire cables with conductor cross-section stated in the 16 square meters. mm (pictured below).

In this regard, many people are interested in the details of its connection to the input machine in the house. In reading this issue must take into account the possible options switch as follows:

  • Connection due to a small increase in the area of ​​the contact surface.
  • Entering through the machine, equipped with a special form of foster contacts.
  • Connecting by crimping lived special tips.

Each of these methods requires more detailed consideration.

1. Easy connection

Option Connection carrier wire directly to the machine used in most of the known cases. This is because the pressure terminal of some circuit breakers have Tin-plated coating that guarantees a reliable contact is not only copper, but also aluminum conductors.

Note: When buying a new machine is required to study its structure and material of the contact group.

Due to the particularities of direct connection is very easy, but it all his dignity and limited. Then the one minuses begin. Because NIC is made in the form of multifilamentary wire round shape - in the case of placement and subsequent clamping square profile in the terminal area of ​​contact is small (pictured below).

When crimping a receptacle automatic device stranded wires are deformed, which leads to a deterioration in quality of the contact and subsequent heating of the joint area.

2. Changing the contact area

The second option only slightly inferior to the popularity of the first - to connect to the machine in advance of the twisted and slightly flattened end of the wire. Due to this, is relatively tight coupling, provides a more reliable contact.

But this option is palliative rather than a definitive solution to the question of the connection wire SIP to the machine. Over time, due to internal strains and elevated place docking loads still weakens and starts to warm up. This approach is also faulty in terms of optimizing the contact area.

3. The use of the machine with a clamping plate

To ensure quality and reliable connection without any modifications of the supply SIW can do much easier. It suffices to select a sample automatic protective device provided with clamping jaws or special shape having the presser bar.

Using such a method allows to achieve tight girth oval core and ensures the formation of high-quality compound with considerable area of ​​the contact zones. As a result, the heating contact will be almost imperceptible, but the very articulation will serve for a long time.

4. Using special tips

Another embodiment competent connecting power line carrier - it by crimping ferrules prepared in advance.

To finalize the wire connection area with the terminal block is required:

  • First coupling portion is purified from isolated on the tip of the sleeve length.
  • Thereafter, it is strung on the wire until it stops, and then crimped special tool or vise.

At the final stage of the work the other end of the sleeve is flattened so as to give it the desired shape (see the figure below).

Additional Information: Get a neat connection formed will help PVC pipe, wearing a connecting portion.

The resultant output from the flat area of ​​the compound sufficient to provide reliable contact with any terminal.