Unsuccessful homemade from soldering and construction of the knife

  • Dec 24, 2019

Quite often I use a welding apparatus for welding pipes and fittings of polypropylene. In my restless mind I was born the idea to the normal soldering iron to attach to adapt. Which will facilitate some manipulation with the pipes. For this I needed a crafts knife sliding construction, namely the blade with a hole.

Next, I removed the nozzle from the welding machine and the fixing bolt through the opening thrust of the knife blade.

Attachment with the blade mounted on the back "soldering". But the blade had to be shortened. Unnecessarily when heated blade unit is not sufficiently warmed and kept pace with the heat dissipated due to the large area plate sharpened.

This "hot knife" I was able to cut polypropylene tube. But cutting process is so slow. That because of this I think that hack "complete garbage" deserves universal contempt.

Hack ready to "no sweat" cut polypropylene ball valve, and figure out what "giblets he is." But I had vospolzovatsya old proven tool-engraver. This will cover in the next article.

Thanks for attention. I hope you have been interesting plumbing work. 👍