What is better for the generator to choose for the house normal or inverter?

  • Dec 26, 2019

Small power stations for private use attracted the attention of many consumers living in remote regions of the country. With these units, it is possible to solve the problem of frequent power outages or poor quality. Today the market of electrical equipment are a lot of samples of these products, selected at the discretion of the buyer. One of them is shown in the photo below.

Key Selection Criteria

When choosing an appropriate model of the attention is primarily drawn to the total power of all loads connected to it.

Additional Information: To duplicate the power supply in a country house will require electrical installation capacity of not less than 10-15 kW.

In addressing this issue the user will select from the following options:

  • Normal petrol unit.
  • Diesel power generator.
  • The inverter device.

To choose the best option for the home - should be familiar with the ins and outs of each of them.

Gasoline (Local)

Conventional fuel generators at its core - a small power plant running on petrol or diesel and have the following advantages:

  • large variety of models of different capacity (1 to 20 kW);
  • ease of operation and maintenance (subject to the requirements of the instructions);
  • relatively low price.
Note: The average value of such a generator power of about 4.5 KW ranges from 25-45 thousand. rubles.

Cons in this version much more. When it is selected the user will encounter the following unpleasant moments:

  • operation of a fuel assembly with a congestion less than 25% leads to its premature failure or excessive consumption of fuel (diesel oil);
  • big noise when the converter, a compelling place it as far away from residential spaces;
  • dependence of the quality of the resulting voltage (its amplitude, in particular) on the correct choice of the load at which the motor rotates at a constant speed.

The main problem of electric cars is not the frequent failures of individual nodes, but in the wrong choice of operating modes. If all the above-described conventional electric regular maintenance requirements and will last for many years (pictured below).

EXAMPLE gasoline generator
EXAMPLE gasoline generator


The principle of operation of the inverter power generator is fundamentally different from those already considered options. There obtained after conversion in the fuel generator energy is first converted into an alternating current of relatively high frequency. After that, she undergoes an inverse transform, and then stored in the built-in battery.

Advantages of electronic inverters:

  • Stable parameters received power.
  • Reduced fuel consumption, since the need to stabilize the operation of the engine is eliminated.
  • density inverter generatorsIt allows you to use it as a mobile version of the mini power plant. This property is in demand in the organization of leisure in the garden area or outside the city.

And finally, they are virtually silent and can be placed in the house at any convenient location.

The essential disadvantages of these devices include:

  • relatively high value (inverter generator manages in the amount of about 3.5 to 50 kW th. rubles against 20-30 thousand for the gasoline equivalent);
  • design complexity, preventing repair when malfunction (only complete replacement);
  • significant power limit (not more than 6 kW).

The inverter generator - is the best solution in case of precision to ensure uninterrupted power supply devices which are sensitive to voltage drop (heating boilers, chargers, etc...).


For constant power facilities, construction sites and other facilities fit a diesel or petrol engine. When operating at full load, it will last a long time and to cope with all its responsibilities. When it is necessary to have a high quality power supply, ensuring the safety of expensive equipment - wiser to choose an electronic inverter (photo below).

electronic inverter
electronic inverter