How to connect the double outlet in one podrozetnik?

  • Dec 26, 2019

Double socket - a convenient and practical solution for both residential and residential premises. But this does not mean that this product is able to withstand high power consumers. And to establish a double outlet in one podrozetnik need to know some basic rules.

What will it take to work

Before proceeding with installation, you should arm themselves with some tools, such as:

  • Puncher.
  • Punching work on drywall or crown for drilling of concrete surfaces.
  • Curly and flat screwdriver.
  • Montorsky knife with a new sharp blade.
  • Side cutters.
  • Escutcheon.

Escutcheon selected depending on the surface on which it is installed. With special sliding tabs - Drywall, ordinary plastic - concrete.

The sequence of the double connection sockets in one podrozetnik

The algorithm described action from the very moment the hammer has made a hole in concrete or gypsum board, it is inserted and fastened Escutcheon. To fix the drywall product in quite figured screwdriver to tighten the screws on the housing that lead to razdvizheniya retaining lugs.

Escutcheon for strengthening the concrete need to use putty, stir with a small portion of a construction adhesive. Thereafter possible to start mounting process.

Double socket is very convenient because from one mechanism to another there is a jumper wire installed at the factory. All that remains to do master - Only connect the product to your home network.

The appearance of a double socket
The appearance of a double socket

The sequence of setting a double outlet in one Escutcheon:

1. Make sure that the cable will be connected to which socket is not live. Can be used for this purpose, the indicator with a screwdriver or a multimeter.

2. Using a star screwdriver unscrewing 2 screws which connect the plastic panel with a socket mechanism.

3. Using montorsky knife, peel the insulation wire at least 1 cm. It is best to use a special knife to remove the insulation, which does not damage the veins, but this instrument prefer to buy only by professional electricians.

4. Weaker left locking screw socket terminals mechanism phase conductor paste into it. Usually it is more aggressive Insulation color: red, dark brown, at least - is black. Tighten screw.

5. Weaker than the fixing screw terminals Right socket mechanism, insert the neutral wire in it. "Zero" is marked with a "warm": blue, blue. Tighten screw fixation and check the quality of both conductors.

6. Weaker screw which is situated on the middle terminal. This is the ground terminal and it must be suitable wire with yellow-green insulation. Tighten the screw, and check the quality of the connection.

Proper connection of wires
Proper connection of wires

7. Mechanism connected wires can be placed in the Escutcheon, gently bending them. The main rule - do not disturb the insulation, or short-circuit can not be avoided.

8. When the mechanism will be in podrozetnik necessary to check it with the level, and after that - to tighten the side screws that will dissolve in the part of "feet" and securely lock the entire structure.

9. Attach the plastic cover and secure it with two screws.

Finished double socket
Finished double socket

Once the socket is ready, it should rule on the serviceability, and after - in the absence of clearance between the decorative plate and the wall. If the gap is too big and the design does not look aesthetically pleasing, it is necessary to remove the cover, fixing screws are weaker and a little "drown" mechanism in the Escutcheon. And then - to return to its original state.