Why outlet appeared two phases and how to fix it?

  • Dec 26, 2019

Based on years of experience of many electricians, the most frequent faults occur with sockets and junction boxes. But with most outlets.

And sometimes with the help of a screwdriver indicator can be seen at first glance a strange phenomenon: as a "zero", and the "phase" LED lights up screening. This means that dangerous voltage "hangs" on two wires. What is it and how to fix similar - later in the article.

Why two "phase" appears in the outlet

A bit of theory, namely, the question: what is the principle of passing an electric current through the circuit? It all starts with the phase conductor through which a current reaches the consumer, passes through it and returns a zero wire. Why is "zero" is not dangerous and it is not potential - is quite another matter, requiring a clear explanation of a few fundamental laws of electrical engineering.

But what is the passage of an electric current will be zero at breakage of wires? The current goes to the consumer, will pass through it and remain at "zero" to the break point. Accordingly, if the neutral conductor has a connection point, that at all branching lines also will "hang" Operating "phase".

Figure 1: Open the ground up to the socket
Figure 1: Open the ground up to the socket

The first reason - interruption neutral conductor that can be at any location on the chandelier, the junction box in the wall or switchboard. The second reason - embossed zero cork, but this only applies to homes with older wiring. Modern electrical rarely "hang" on the right "zero" circuit breaker.

Figure 3: "Embossed" zero stopper
Figure 3: "Embossed" zero stopper

How to solve the problem?

If there was a 2 "phase" into a wall outlet, a simple troubleshooting algorithm will quickly find the problem and fix it as fast.

The sequence of troubleshooting:

  1. A consequence of the two "phases" in the outlet will be the failure of any home appliances starting from a vacuum cleaner, and ending with the charger for your smartphone. Too play is also not worth it, because the operating voltage to the two conductors can significantly harm any electronic device.
  2. Disable automatic opening, de-energized so that the entire apartment or house. To make sure there is no current, it is better to double-check the voltage in the outlet using a screwdriver indicator.
  3. Check the socket for an open neutral conductor.
  4. If the outlet is working and the 2 wires are securely fastened in their normal locations, you must remove the cover from the nearest junction box and check the quality of all connections in it.
  5. At serviceable junction box, then you should pay attention to the electrical panel, to be exact - on the introduction of "zero." If the neutral conductor at the entrance otgorel, then in all rooms in the receptacles will be two "phases".
Figure 2: is carried out at zero Otgorevshy bus
Figure 2: is carried out at zero Otgorevshy bus

If everything in the apartment regularly and the situation with two "phases" there is only one outlet, it means only one thing - the breakdown of the wires in the wall. You must disable the automatic introduction, find the 2 wires to the power outlet in the junction box, connect the wires in the wall socket and "ping" with a multimeter or a special indicator screwdriver. Line is not "ringing" - a breakdown of the neutral wire in the wall.

Summing up

In order to eliminate the presence of a second "phase" in the socket, you must accurately and scrupulously carry out all the above steps. This algorithm will quickly find the cause of broken household appliances and save money on calling an electrician.

It is enough to have on hand a minimum set of tools and always remember about your own safety, do not forget to turn off electricity before working in the house or apartment.