How to connect the machine in the control panel?

  • Dec 26, 2019

Replacement of the circuit breaker or install a new category refers to activities that are proper skill takes 5-10 minutes. But to household power continued to function properly after replacing batchfile need to know how to connect it correctly. Most often, the connection of the switching device takes place in the distribution board.

How to correct: the top or bottom

An important question that is asked by many beginners in electrics. After the circuit breaker is securely fastened to the DIN-rail, it should apply the power, but not everyone knows to connect the power supply cable from above or below.

To resolve this issue please refer to the technical literature, which is the source of information - electrical codes.

The SEP has a clause 3.1.6, which states that the operating voltage must be applied to the fixed contact of the circuit breaker.

But to know which of the two fixed contacts, batchfile must be dismantled - or rather, remove the side cover. The opened automaton device indicates that the lower contact - the movable and the upper - stationary. This means that the power cord is connected from the top, and the wire going to the consumer - from the bottom.

The sequence of correct connection of the machine

Armed with flat and shaped screwdriver, obzhimochnymi lugs, press and montorskim knife can begin the installation of the circuit breaker:

  1. Secure the DIN-rail in a distribution board with the two texts - special self-tapping screws for metal. It should be pointed out that in many modern switchboards DIN-rail mounted originally.
  2. Insert automatic slots in the specially provided for mounting DIN-rail and snap the clip on batchfile housing.
  1. Remove voltage from a supply of wire, strip insulation from the end thereof via montorskogo knife wear and compress the tip, the diameter of which corresponds to the cross section of the wire.
  2. Using a screwdriver to unscrew the bolt-clamp on the top stationary contact. Insert the tip of the wire and tighten securely. Check quality of the connection by gently lifting a wire from side to side.
  3. Bottom secure wire to the consumer.
  4. Enable the automatic switch and check the circuit operation.

When connecting the bottom of the network will continue to operate the automatic machine, but the arc arising when disconnecting batchfile may be too large, which significantly reduce the service life products.

Common mistakes

Do not connect the stranded wires without special obzhimochnyh tips. This will lead to a gradual erosion of the contact, arcing and shortly - failure of the circuit breaker.

Figure 2: The correct crimping wires
Figure 2: The correct crimping wires

You also can not clamp the machine at the entrance of two or more wires of different cross-section. Contact qualitatively fix heavy gauge wire, and a second conductor will be assigned enough.

The result is the same as in the preceding embodiment - and arcing failure batchfile. To similar was not, you should use obzhimochnymi tips.

Some electricians believe that the stranded wire can not crimp and solder just qualitatively, but it is not. Even the most high-quality soldering with time "flows" and the contact became weaker. Very poor contact may result in fire and damage to the circuit breaker unambiguous. Therefore it is best to take advantage of tips and special presses.