10 benefits of an electric vehicle which you did not know or had no idea!

  • Dec 26, 2019

All have heard about the incredible benefits of the use of electric cars - quiet and economical driving, no exhaust, tax incentives and so on. But once you do buy an electric, you will notice the advantages of which people do not think when choosing between a hybrid, electric and gasoline-powered vehicles. On them will be discussed further.

The owner of an electric car does not need to replace the drum brakesBecause almost always the drivers here use regenerative braking. This saves not only money but also time elektrozapravku. In addition, the generator braking serve as a safety net in the event that suddenly refused drum brakes.

2. The space under the hood. Electric motors always take up little space, even though a large battery. The lack of traditional bridges and to drive the internal combustion engine system enables similar the characteristics of an electric vehicle to have a fashionable body and a more spacious interior, often with unusual interior.

3. In cold weather, you can include the car heater in a closed garage

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. Perfect electric cars like Tesla have an enable function heater remotely (remote control of the house) or a timer, so that the driver does not experience discomfort from the cold compartment. The same applies to the garage, because it is no longer required to ventilate the cold air, with EV (electric vehicle). Even if remote start the heater has a conventional car, you still have to the door slightly open to avoid the accumulation of carbon monoxide.

4. Every day at the paddock of the machine with the engine room in the DFS, it still smells gas. But in the presence of an electric home you will no longer breathe gasoline and related gasesDo not be afraid to leave things in the car. And for the reason that such a machine much easier, it does not break the driveway, except during the rainy season. Electric does not need to warm up in the winter, and there is no soot settles on snow - children do not get dirty.

5. Turn on the heating, I can be for your health and calm surroundingEven when the room is closed.

6. Having access to the inverter 220, when no electricity network You can connect to the battery electric vehicle, A charge which is enough for a week (without calculating in the kitchen).

7. complete silence. To talk and listen to music, it does not require a large volume, as in a conventional car, because in the cabin is quiet even when driving fast. The same and increases safety on the road, as the enhanced driver's concentration on what is happening around. In general, the silence makes people more relaxed.

8. When climbing a hill it has high concentrations of exhaust gas - except that of the next passing cars.

9. No fuel cost in traffic. Another advantage of the car is full of savings with the engine running, but when the machine stopped. This is not true when using the vehicle, continuously burning fuel as soon as the ignition switch is in operating position.

10. No transmission, no transmission. Not merely the absence of the need to switch between them, and their complete absence. This means that there will be twitching at the start and acceleration of the car.

Naturally, buying electric car, you will discover a lot more possibilities!