Why pinch money tree and how it is done

  • Dec 24, 2019
A photo: https://agronomu.com/media/res/3/8/0/1/4/38014.os595o.600.jpg
A photo: https://agronomu.com/media/res/3/8/0/1/4/38014.os595o.600.jpg

Money tree, came to us from the arid regions of Africa, South Arabia, and Madagascar, gained popularity among gardeners because of its exotic appearance. This perennial evergreen succulent, fleshy leaves with numerous ways to decorate any space of the apartment. But for the spectacular appearance of the plant requires good lighting, timely watering, fertilizing periodically, as well as pruning and pinching.

Why pinch money tree

In nature, few instances tolstyanok may exceed 1.5 m in height. For indoor flower such dimensions do not fit, so the money tree growth is constrained by regular pruning and shaping Pinching. In addition, procedures help create a beautiful crown uniformly developed without stretched out, dropping or curved branches. That competent topping plant makes a truly decorative.

Under competent topping meant timely removal of the right kidney growth period and at a specific location. Actions to stimulate the development of the kidneys, of which the formation of new shoots and leaves. This should be done carefully and only in the period of active growth (best in spring) to the winter the plant has been strengthened and restored after the surgery.

How to pinch Jade

To begin the formation of the money tree crown can be quite early, when the stem height not exceeding 15 cm and form the first four pairs of leaves. Pinch should kidney, which is disposed between the upper lamina last pair. On a remote location Crassula buds will form a couple of new ones, which will give rise to young branches. It is a process that helps to control the proliferation and the formation of the crown.

As money tree growth, new shoots coming in the same way - the growth pinch kidney, which is formed between the fourth pair of leaves on each branch.

The procedure can be carried out with clean hands, but it is better to take a sharp instrument processed alcohol. They can serve as a nail scissors or tweezers.

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