What to do with odnushke-wagon: 32 m² with a bedroom and kitchen in the hallway

  • Dec 27, 2019

Capacious storage, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom designers Studio Room design buro «packaged" into a single cube of plywood. He can transform, transforming the space of a small apartment with a failed plan.

Even fully divide the apartment on the living room and the kitchen was not possible - prevent elongated space with a single, albeit large window. Therefore, the authors of the project was moved to the interior of a bathroom, and right in front of windows arranged the bedroom.

Access to the window, closed the sofa. Piece of furniture of this size or simply do not deliver. But he is modular, and in the frame provided for the storage system. If desired, you can leave overnight guests.

The walls are painted in white color, but retained the texture of the masonry block. This cost-effective solution to the same has become the perfect backdrop for other experiments with color. For example, for the blue sofa and soft pink bedroom unit.

Space for dining table chosen consciously. Visually, this is the widest part of the apartment directly across the hall, so there is extra furniture does not clutter the space. In addition, the kitchen in the neighborhood.

At such a modest footage with atypical layout it is difficult to arrange a full kitchen. Designers "pulled" her along one wall next to the entrance hall. At the entrance to the place provided for clothing and household accessories. To the facade does not look too monotone, it is part of a dense black curtain closed.

On the contrary, too, provided a storage system. Space enough even for a special compartment under the bike.

To the left of the chest of drawers on the podium arranged the bedroom. To reach there more natural light, appeared at the head of the horizontal window on the ceiling.

But the main storage function is performed by the one side of the cube, that "looks" at the window. There were shelves under the TV and books, and a sliding module-ladder. This is both a wardrobe, chest of drawers and linen.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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