Three apartments from an old apartment: a project for rental

  • Dec 27, 2019

The interior received a provocative - a totally green-bedroom, glass bathroom in the middle of the room with a connecting door in the kitchen cabinet. But the designer Marceline Gronowski sure that it is so memorable and should be housing for short-term rent in the historic center of the city.

To rent a larger apartment did not succeed, so the owner decided to divide it into three apartments. The main difficulty of the project - to find a place in every space for the kitchen and bathrooms. Therefore, for example, there was an idea to the door to the bathroom which is hidden behind the kitchen fronts.

In this, the most compact of the apartment area, kitchen, built-in wardrobe and a bed he grouped in the same room. the living room is the function of a chair and a small dining table for two.

Apartment II decided otherwise - are kitchen made the most noble, that it successfully entered into the interior of the living room. For this black matte facades combined with gold.

But the main feature was the glass bathroom here. Through the walls, you can even distinguish the outline of a dining table and a couple of chairs in the living room. Frosted glass, opaque, but the interior bathrooms formalized so that he continued visuals rest of the apartment - with active geometric tiles on the floor and black walls.

The snow-white bedroom has come up with an unusual storage system. Metal welded construction, which simultaneously began and the rack, and open a clothes rack. By contrast, it painted black.

Another contrast - blue headboard. It's just painted on the wall.

The largest, the first apartment, much more luxurious, but in common with the rest of the design. For example, here, too, there was the golden kitchen apron and cabinet-design of metal.

Present and matt black furniture.

Decor items and accessories like steel, its continuation.

And in the corner between the two doorways have arranged a compact dining room. Round table does not take up much space and is easy to move. A two pairs of chairs from different collections bring liveliness in the interior.

A special feature of this apartment was the totally-green bedroom. Even the ceiling and curtains one shade. It creates the effect of chamber space, a cocoon, intended only for recreation.

Small spaces are often afraid to paint in dark colors. In fact, a properly selected shade and lighting lend additional depth, and do not eat up space.

In contrast to the bedroom at the author of the project was very light and bright bathroom. The main element of it - all the same tiles with a geometric pattern on the floor.

All three apartments share a common hallway, hallway. Even he was bold and expressive - all-steel surface totally black, and natural light was added transoms and mirrors.


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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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