Studio in a new building 42 m² with a bedroom, a dressing room and a dozen seats

  • Dec 27, 2019

Spacious one-bedroom apartment in "Art" in Krasnogorsk designer Natalia Liventsova turned into a studio with a private bedroom behind the curtain dressing room and laundry. A reception for the guests she has provided just three of the sofa.

In the center of the studio set up a table and sofa - they share a seating area and cooking. And dining group consisted of three different chairs - this technique brings a freshness to the interior. And modular couch is located in the center, so guests can both sit at a desk or watching television in the living room.

Laconic kitchen complement the stainless steel worktop. Industrial style continues and metal hanging rack. And suspensions over the dining table, not only is zoned space, but also reflect the natural light of its mirrored surface.

In the corner next to the cooking area was a place for the desktop. He is a snow-white, as well as most of the furniture in the apartment, and practically insoluble in the interior.

From black metal did not just shelves in the kitchen, but also a two-level coffee table in the living room, as well as a bench by the window. The landlady often receives visitors, and decided to settle the problem of lack of seats. In addition, it is stored under the basket with small things.

The black metal cube concluded and bedroom. Did not separate its walls, but instead provided a thick curtains on the drive.

To ensure complete privacy, just press the button on the remote control and turn into a bedroom into a cozy cocoon.

Unusual decision was the laundry room, which is carried outside the kitchen and bathroom. To do this, we provided a special niche in the hallway across from bedrooms.

From the bedroom you can get into the dressing room in the back of the apartment. She also did not restrict the walls. Their role is performed by two cabinets next to each other, between which secured additional rails and shelves.

In the hallway there was a wardrobe with wooden facades of the same shade as in the dressing room. On its side wall secured mirror panel. Because of this, from the living room closet is practically impossible to replace, and the room more natural light and air. For convenience also provided open shelves, padded stool and mirror the entire wall with built-in lights.

White and dark granite marbled diluted with warm wood shades. Get comfortable, stylish and functional space which is also easy to clean thanks to the installed plumbing.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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