In shades of gray: 17 m² with a bedroom and dressing room for videoblogera

  • Dec 27, 2019

The main problem of the owner of a tiny studio - a huge amount of clothes and shoes, which are needed for performances and recording video. Therefore, the designer Rod Lazcano and William Brothers Manila studio consultants designed a compact and invisible dressing cabinets with mezzanines, and in the bedroom found a place for the entertainment center.

Apartment divided into three parts: the bedroom window, the kitchen is almost in the hallway and bathroom and dressing room - they only separated by a wall. Most of the walls and furniture fronts painted in neutral gray.

In contrast lamps and black inlay picked and cooking zone "brighten". The feeling of warmth and comfort given by using natural wood - it has been used for the decoration of open shelves, built-in kitchen.

Upper lockers headset let in two rows. On the mezzanine under the ceiling store seldom-used items, and on open shelves in plain sight - small household appliances. From a standard refrigerator abandoned in favor of a compact model - her bachelor enough, as the hob with two rings.

dining area consists of snow-white solid countertops and easy sliding table with metal legs. It is easy to rearrange to the case of the arrival of guests or to use for work. By the way, a stool with a candy-pink seat picked specifically. This is the only bright object in the entire apartment.

The owner of the apartment - leading and videobloger, so it has a lot of clothes and shoes. Need somewhere to store it and forced the young man to turn to designers. They have built in wardrobe and a mezzanine without handles that look like a smooth wall. And between the bathroom and bedroom have carved out a place for closet, in which he also leads a secret door.

Due to the dressing room serving bedroom turned more private - bed almost not visible from the kitchen-living room. In front of her in the niche we have built some shelves for entertainment apartment host system. he prefers watching Netflix Movies.

The bed takes up almost the entire width of the window niches. His dark thick curtains closed to the sun's rays do not interfere with watching TV and did not wake in the morning. A wall of the headboard decorated polyhedra of ferrous metal. The same can be seen in the living room.

For bedside tables there was no room, so instead they had a niche with built-in table and hanging unit. Gray interior is diluted with a bright décor.

For registration of bathrooms used the same color scheme in shades of gray. To diversify the visual space, almost black walls combined with light tiles, which are stacked pattern "herringbone". In the small space of the mirror not only performs its main function, but also visually doubles the volume of the room. It equipped with a backlight function and protect against condensation.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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