Apartment 45 m² with dressing room and two bedrooms

  • Dec 27, 2019

To find a place for an isolated bedroom and guest room, it is not necessary to erect a wall or donate a spacious living room. The authors of the Skanda interior creates a budget option, which can easily repeat each.

Large windows provide plenty of natural light in the apartment, so close they were not curtains. On the contrary, the entire interior is made possible light.

Perhaps the only bright spot in the entire apartment - parquet natural warm hue. He gives the comfort room, also quite practical.

Combined kitchen and living room, as is often done in similar types of planning. They are separated by a bar, and the pier next to her decorated large clock retro shapes.

Corner unit with simple white facades found in massmarketa. It is inexpensive and fits perfectly into modern interiors. The entire exposed surface of the walls with tiles laid out budget-squares. And so as not to clutter the space, the upper cabinets used only on one wall.

The owners of the apartment was needed not only basic, but also a guest bedroom. In this case, to give a third part of the living room, they did not want. Therefore it appeared "loft" with contrasting staircase and a comfortable mattress.

By the way, the partition between the bedroom and the living room - a chest of drawers on wheels, which can easily be moved to combine the room.

The entire width of the bed occupied bedrooms. Shelf above it replaces the bedside tables. Narrow niche use for the installation of shelves, but no more furniture in this part of the apartment no. But hides a very spacious dressing room behind the door.


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Author: Paul Shelyagin founder store design furniture Fields.

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