3 major design rules that will transform the interior

  • Dec 27, 2019

Designers often violate their own rules for non-standard solutions. But for beginners, who have decided to issue an apartment on their own, should heed the advice of professionals easy.

rule of thirds

It has stated in his book on the colors of the designer Mark McCauley. He is convinced that nature - the perfect master on the selection of color combinations. Most dark colors it is usually located at the bottom. Think shades of earth, stones, moss and grass. Brighter accent colors are more common at eye level. A light and weightless, translucent shades - above.

Similarly, Mark McCauley proposed to divide the height of the room into three parts, and use the bottom of the darkest color at the top - light, and between them - more expressive, eye-catching.

rule 10-30-60

When you decide on the color scheme of the interior, namely the proportion of 10-30-60 help "not too far" and does not slip into kitsch. The dominant hue will cover about 60% of the room. Most likely, this will be the color of the walls and some furniture. It should be a neutral background against which "will play" the other two colors.

The second color may be a little more daring. Typically, it is selected for accent walls or flooring, most of the furniture. But the most striking or unusual, contrasting color is used for accessories and medium-sized objects, such as design chairs and armchairs, console or panel on the wall.

Rule accessories categories

Sometimes designers specially created symmetrical interiors, to visually expand it. Cabinets and consoles, sofas and chairs, windows and mirrors are opposite each other. But this rule does not apply to items of decoration.

The only thing it may seem out of place, a couple - a boring, more than three - create a feeling cluttered. Decorators agree that grouping three of accessories - the ideal number. Make the composition of the three posters in the frame, three vases or candles on the coffee table, console, or nightstand.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin founder Fields.

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