How to combine dozens of bright colors in odnushke 33 m²

  • Dec 27, 2019

Against the background of turquoise and gray walls of a black and blue bed, blue cabinets, purple chairs and ottomans, red chest of drawers... Designers Irina Lavrenteva and Anastasia Kamensky, one after another picked up bright objects that fit each other.

Turquoise - a favorite color of the owner of the apartment, so it is taken as a basis for living. Single remained from the previous interior - a girl of five years lived in this apartment without repair.

On a bright background designers began "stringing" additional colored objects. So there was a chair fuchsia and black-and-yellow coffee table.

At the end of the room symmetrically installed two high blue cabinet. They did not hide and paint in the color of the walls, but rather also turned into the focus. Between them there was a full-length mirror - an integral part of the interior of the female.

His place in the corner of the sofa-bed took designer dresser Russian production, which in itself is quite expressive.

Together with the owner of the apartment live two terrier, which it considers as equal members of the family. Because the interior and developed with an eye on them. For example, laid on the floor and slip-resistant material canine claws - engineering plank, soaked in oil.

Compared with the living room kitchen remarkably quiet and neutral. Dining group comprised of vintage furniture in the spirit of French coffee. Above it there was a poster with all the same terrier. According to the colors of it resonates with small patches of blue on the floor tiles and Roman blinds, which closes the window.

Vivid blue steel and the upper corner cabinets compact headset. The facades of the lower cabinets are made of wood, they become companions chairs. Behind them lies a washing machine and a mini-fridge. A kitchen apron posted from a small black tiles. Its glossy surface reflects light, visually expand the space.

Gray color of the walls of the kitchen and goes into the hallway. Narrow chest of drawers in the hallway and wooden panels above it are designed for storing winning two West Highland White Terrier.

Right from the entrance set the large wardrobe for clothing. Its louvered doors painted in the color of the walls. But here was not without its bright spots - red chest Marc & Aurele.

On the balcony of a saturated color of grass painted battens, which sheathed walls. The result was a recreation area, in which a summer mood reigns in all seasons.

Even the bathroom has become the most expressive. Tiny space of 2.7 sq. m from floor to ceiling laid yellowish-gray tiles with different patterns patchwork.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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