How to make tiny kitchen comfortable: 10 dizaynhakov

  • Dec 27, 2019

We find a way to use every available centimeter without damage to the interior.

1. Built in three rows

Traditionally, headsets are divided into the upper and lower cabinets. The space above him when it often turns into a warehouse for boxes and unnecessary things, or simply dust collector. Solve the problem of the third row of the cabinets to the ceiling.

2. Set with non-standard units

Sometimes a very small kitchen appliances have to put almost close to each other. To withstand between it necessary technical distance (typically 10 cm), it is possible to provide a custom narrow and tall kitchen unit. He is suitable for storing cutting boards, wine or spices.

3. Built-in microwave oven

Microwave "eats" a lot of space on the table, so it is best to choose a built-in model or combine the functions of the oven with a microwave.

4. "Invisible" refrigerator

In Khrushchev to find a place for the fridge in the kitchen is almost unreal. Sometimes it is possible to transfer it to the corridor, but sometimes much more convenient to break refrigerators and freezers, and embed them in the lower cabinets. So extra work surface will be above them.

5. Windowsill, countertop

The tiny space battle goes for every centimeter of space, so in the course are even window sills. If you allow the width, just lay them on the table top instead of the traditional window sill to make the area near the window with the bar or the desktop.

6. open shelves

The main claim to the open shelves in the kitchen - a dust collection. Therefore, one has only to open the part of the headset that you use on a daily basis. Particularly well leave without door cupboard in the corner, which is simply nowhere to be opened.

7. pipes parade

communications pipe to hang often interfere with normal cabinet, and a small kitchen owners choose open shelves. Collect them from... such as the pipe! So the interior will look organic.

8. Reiling on hood

The space above the hood rarely get to use the functionality. But the perimeter is quite possible to fix the rail for small things or even cups and povaroshek.

9. Kitchen in the niche

Sometimes the entire cooking area should be enclosed in a decorative frame. Specially created niche will visually highlight the function block in the kitchen-living-dining room.

10. Storage in unusual places

Do not be afraid to create cabinets where they seemingly should not be. For example, around the door opening, as in this case, the windows or above. They can be left open or closed mask smooth facades in the color of the walls.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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