The interior of the week: four rooms with 81 m² in the house of series P-44T

  • Dec 27, 2019

Designer Vera Tarlovskaya in a three-room apartment found a place for the cabinet, I have placed a huge library and turned the interior into a flourishing garden!

Very large room with a bay window was given to the living room. However, now it has become very small - the entire width of the room holds a sofa. In the bay window behind him cases are built for rarely used items flush with the sill. In the second part of the room behind the wall have equipped the office with a traditional dark wood table and a large rack for books.

Kitchen has turned most of Provence. To it picked combination pastel tones and forged lamp, resembling streetlight. In one of the walls built bench with high upholstered headboard, which is surrounded by bookcases. They contain cookbooks that regularly uses the hostess.

The opposite part of the kitchen is also unusual. For her custom-made furniture with stained-glass windows in the upper cabinets. Their sketch Vera Tarlovskaya made herself. Pink-beige tile picked up exactly in the tone of the upper cabinets, but not laid in the traditional way, and the double "herringbone" to the ceiling.

The bedroom would be a monotone gray, if not to attract the attention of a massive quilted headboard emerald. From traditional nightstands refused. Instead, there were cabinets with open shelves on the side.

The room's daughter accent wall papered with a floral print. Girl - a romantic person. She plays on musical instruments and studying art history. Therefore, in this room there was a huge bookcase with the necessary study literature.

They have warmed loggia and attached to the room. It turned into a full-fledged office with a wide desk and bookcase.

The hall was divided into two parts by setting the "dirty" part of it to the bench pereobuvaniya and open hanger with mezzanines. In the second part of the two cabinets installed in front of each other. One of them is narrow - for shoes, another deep - for clothes on hangers.

For separate bathrooms chose the same finishing materials. Issued a snow-white wall tiles and mosaic on the floor a bed of tiny hexagons. It was originally white and black points pasted to the already finished fabric.


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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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