The interior of the week: a cozy odnushka 36 m² in LCD "ART"

  • Dec 27, 2019

Experts Bellas Artes studio safely used in the design of apartments in the LCD "ART" black, plaster under the concrete and tinted glass.

correct form of a square with two large windows, the architects were divided into four parts. One of them was separated by a partition made of dark tinted glass. There are "hidden" bedroom. In her lead narrow sliding door between the bar and sofa.

If only the ceiling throughout the rest of the apartment with plaster for the concrete is mainly decorated, in the bedroom of her much more. Concrete has become the only non-glass wall beside the bed. To beat a model without a headboard, use the built-in wall LED strips.

Throughout the apartment floor is covered with bright marbled granite. Its glossy surface reflects the natural light from the windows, and architectural lighting on the bottom wall of the TV, making the room seem more spacious. In addition, this technique balances the abundance of contrasting black furniture.

Kitchen set minimalist, it was divided into two parts. First, coal-black, with traditional cabinets and the working surface. Second, the color of wood, is a tall cabinets with built-in oven and microwave.

Almost the entire working surface of the headset takes dark wash and narrow hob. But there is enough space to expand the products and remove the ready-made meals from the stove. Cooking rather use the dining table bar height. A matte black to not interfere with cooking surface, the bottom wall cabinets provided sufficient built-in lighting.

A wall between the main living area and hallway not become erect. The space allocated by means of the cabinets. One of them is for clothing, standing in front of the entrance and the color blends with the wall.

The rear wall of kitchen unit has turned into one of the walls of the hall. The color of natural wood softens this concrete space.

In the bathroom using all the same monochrome combination - porcelain tiles in imitation of marble in the shower and matte black on the floor and the rest of the walls. It emerged here and glass partition. But the main element that attaches to the functional areas individuality, became a designer sink unusual shape.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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