The feed during flowering strawberries

  • Dec 27, 2019
Photos: Summer Worker
Photos: Summer Worker

Strawberry - berry unpretentious, so even completely forgetting about the culture, you can enjoy a small modest harvest. However, the quality and quantity of the fruit is very unflattering. Berries on the bushes will be small, and small and nondescript appearance unlikely to arouse someone appetite.

If we want to get a close-quality crop for strawberry have regularly looked after. It is not difficult and does not require significant financial cost, but will take a little time.

You need to take care of strawberries during the season, but requires special attention berry during flowering. It was during this period, the plant begins to experience a potassium deficiency, which affects both the quality and the amount of future healthy berries.

What is fertilizing during flowering

Making strawberry fertilizer during the flowering we pursue several main goals.

  • Firstly, we help recover berry after long winter, spring frosts and strong temperature differences;
  • Secondly, we saturate the plant nutrients and trace elements. This will allow the berry form more stems and ovaries;
  • Thirdly, we give berry forces for the development and supply of the future fruits.

From how to pass the flowering period will depend on the size and quality of the future harvest.

What you need to feed bushes

Photos: Summer Worker
Photos: Summer Worker

Fertilizing during flowering is important for both planted and for the fruit-bearing bushes. Nutrients that are in the soil, not enough to form and maintain a large number of large fruit. Therefore, if you want to get a bountiful harvest, the berries have to help.

Prepare strawberries to feeding

To be effective, any dressing, strawberries need to prepare properly. The process is quite time-consuming, but very important.

  • Remove the bushes with dry leaves and twigs;
  • Harvesting mulching material;
  • We are doing a good weeding;
  • Loosened topsoil.

These procedures are done in order to be received strawberries and learned as much as possible nourishing substances in feeding.

Recipes to fertilizing flowering period

Since there is no universal dressings (soil and found in it the nutrients at all different), I describe several recipes that my readers could choose the most suitable.

Of the many different options, I picked only the most affordable and effective. Without experiments, only personally tested recipes.

All the dressing made by the roots of a small watering can with a strainer. During the procedure, it is important not to blur the roots and not to get on the green part of the plant. Try to feed bushes evenly, pouring from all sides.

1. potassium nitrate

One teaspoon of potassium nitrate in divorce in ten liter bucket of warm water. Stir the solution until homogeneous and enter it from 400 to 600 ml. depending on the size of the bush.

2. baker's yeast

One kilogram of fresh yeast in divorce in five liters of water until smooth. To prepare the mix feeding the resulting solution to cool water in the ratio of 1 to 20. Under each bush need to make about 500 ml. the finished fertilizer.

3. bread crumbs

Remains of black and white bread is too dry in the sun, cover with water and leave for a week in a dark room. Fermented solution was filtered and diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 10. Under each bush is brought about 500 ml. the finished fertilizer.

4. wood ash

Glass sifted wood ash must be filled with one liter of boiling water and allow to cool at room temperature. The resulting solution is necessary to filter larger particles and make a strawberry bushes in a volume of 400 to 600 ml. depending on the size of the plant.

Feed the strawberries better in the evening or early in the morning before the midday heat. The soil at the time of the procedure should be moderately moist. This will allow the plant to absorb as much as possible useful microelements.

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