How to determine what is missing raspberries on her appearance

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Many gardeners, including my friends, believe that raspberry quite unpretentious culture, care of which - a waste of time. In their view, the bush can grow and bear fruit abundantly without human intervention. As an example, they usually result in wild raspberries, which is located deep in the forests of flowering and gives large berries. However, this is a very common misconception.

Raspberry growing conditions in the suburban area that requires a care and regular feeding is not smaller than the other cultures. That for many years in a row to get a good harvest, the berries have a regular feed. Usually, this is done three times per season:

  • During tying berries. In most regions of the country during this period accounted for the month of May;
  • In June, when formed fruits begin to ripen;
  • And at the end of the summer.

Describe in detail the process of raspberry dressing, I'm not, I'm sure this topic has already been written a lot of material. I believe that there is no point to take away from the reader's time by repeating the same thing. Therefore, I talk about other important moment in the care of this berry. It's about how appearance raspberry identify lack important micronutrients.

We determine the micronutrient deficiencies in appearance berries mind

Many gardeners know that the lack of certain nutrients directly affect the appearance of the culture. And raspberry is not an exception. As of the bush can be determined deficiency of essential micronutrients.

For a long horticultural practices I identified myself to a short list of rules that I want to share with you.

Lack of micronutrients and appearance

  • Faded leaves are due to the small size nitrogen deficiency. The lack of this trace element can also be determined by the slower growth of all shrubbery;
  • If unripe berries crumble, and the bush is growing rapidly and "zhiruet" then raspberries experiences nitrogen overabundance;
  • If the edges of the leaves begin to dry, tuck and darken the berry experiences lack of potassium;
  • Deficiency of phosphorus It affects the whole bush. Berry weakens and gives a small thin shoots;
  • If the leaves turn yellow from the center, this shows magnesium deficiency;
  • If the veins of the leaves remain green, and the rest of the surface yellow, the plant is experiencing iron deficiency.

These attributes help determine the missing nutrients and conduct an unscheduled dressing berries.

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