Feeding the ash seedlings at home

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: https://www.fermerok.info/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Pomidory-dlya-teplits-.jpg
A photo: https://www.fermerok.info/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Pomidory-dlya-teplits-.jpg

Today I want to talk about how to fertilize your seedlings of ash solution at home.

Despite its simplicity, it is important for fertilizing plants available is not for everyone. After all, in a city apartment to get the ash is quite problematic. That's what I would like to talk about today.

I will not talk in detail about the use of ash for the seedlings, because they believe that the overwhelming majority of my readers know this better than me.

Except to say that the ash valuable trace elements (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron) in easily digestible form for plants. This feature makes it one of the best organic fertilizers.

Get good wood ash in a big city problem seemingly impossible. However, I have found several ways to solve this problem.

1. We collect the ashes in forest parks

In St. Petersburg, I live not far from a large forest park. In the spring it begins to clean and put in order. The collected dead wood, leaves and dry grass burned periodically in fenced off areas. It was there that I had extracted and ashes for their seedlings.

However, in recent years, the plant debris are increasingly exporting and less burn. Therefore, in the park of the ash I want less and less.

2. Bring the ashes with garden

If there is no forest park, ash can lead to the garden in advance sifting through a fine strainer. However, there is one feature. Since the fire fomented for ash water is better not to extinguish, it is necessary to make a fire soon after arrival on site. During the day the fire completely burned and the embers have time to cool down.

3. buy ash

The easiest way to get the ash in a big city is buying. In recent years, in horticultural stores it has become increasingly sold stacked ash. It is worth it's not expensive, but it turned out, according to the manufacturer, made from natural wood. We are quite suitable.

To prepare the solution of the ash, we need a well-sifted ashes. The smaller the particles are, the better they will dissolve in the water. Sift through a strainer can be, and if it is not, the case can go to a colander.

We take desyatilitrovoe bucket fill it with warm pure water and add 100 ml. cup of sifted ashes. Further stir the solution a large wooden spoon until it will acquire a uniform dark color Servin.

Now we need to give a solution of the present. Optimal time - about 48 hours. Throughout the time of our infusion it must be periodically stirred.

After two days, the solution need a good mix to the bottom of the sludge is not left. This will be our ash tincture. It is ready for use.

Ash solution is useful only got stronger seedlings, which already formed full leaves. In step cotyledonary leaves apply ash feeding is not recommended. This can cause serious damage to the plants.

Feed the seedlings directly below the root, passing the green part of the plant. It is most convenient to do from a small plastic watering can with a long spout.

I fertilize seedlings ash only once before the skyscraper to the ground. However, to apply a fertilizer, if desired, can be every two weeks.

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