5 unusual devices that simplify the country life (Part 6)

  • Dec 27, 2019

Recently, in the shops and thematic exhibitions began to appear all the more interesting tools for gardeners and farmers. Most of them hardly a useful development, but sometimes they come across things worthy of attention. Some of them I want to tell in his next collection.

I have to say that I do not do advertising any specific products and manufacturers. Therefore, in my article you will find links, prices and names. For me it is important to talk about the ideas and methods of use.

1. Pad work in the garden

A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/8e/07/d2/z13764494IH, Podkladka-do-prac-ogrodniczych.jpg
A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/8e/07/d2/z13764494IH, Podkladka-do-prac-ogrodniczych.jpg

When I saw such a mat for the first time, I did not pay enough attention to it. At first I thought this thing was developed by people who are very far from gardening. After all, between the beds would not fit such a device, and the sense of it in the garden will not achieve. However, I was wrong.

Mat is not designed for the garden, it will be useful to work in the beds near the lawn, paths and seating areas.

  • Firstly, this will help keep the mat clean tiles and lawn, with which no longer have to sweep the ground;
  • Secondly, such a mat can be folded all the tools, soil and pots. As the landing flowers, mat easily drag and drop on a flat surface;

Besides this, I came to mind another method of application of the litter. It is possible to get your knees, if the land had not yet had time to dry out after rain. Pretty primitive, but the clothes remain dry.

Pad Size 1x1 meter, and the bead height of about 10 cm.

2. folding watering

A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/a2/07/d2/z13764514IH, Skladana-konewka.jpg
A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/a2/07/d2/z13764514IH, Skladana-konewka.jpg

Those who have in the country is not shed for storing garden tools, watering can handy foldable. For ease of use such a tool as good as its classical analogue, but during storage it takes 5 times less space. Quite handy if watering has to be stored on the porch or in the summer kitchen.

Cover with a handle, the bottom and the irrigation tube is made of plastic. Container itself is made of durable waterproof fabric like a tarp. Useful volume of devices - up to 8 liters.

Laterally provided measuring scale indicating the amount of water located in a watering can.

Due to the lightweight materials, the total inventory weight is about 500 grams. In general, as with other plastic watering cans of this size.

3. Rope holder

A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/f9/09/d2/z13765113Q.jpg
A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/f9/09/d2/z13765113Q.jpg

To permanently do not suffer with long coils of rope and a pair of scissors, foreign colleagues came up with a special device - dispenser. In simple terms, this is a common bank, which cover holes for the ropes. Next to the hole is the blade, which plays the role of scissors. A device something like a holder for adhesive tape.

end of the rope will never fall into the jar, because after pruning clamped blade located on the lid.

The thing is quite convenient and cost is not expensive, but it is hard to find on sale. Why such holder has not yet gained popularity is hard to say.

4. Apron for collecting leaves

A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/f9/09/d2/z13765113Q.jpg
A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/f9/09/d2/z13765113Q.jpg

During pasynkovaniya and trim the leaves to put the waste in a bucket rather uncomfortable. It has to constantly move and often stoop. Not to make any unnecessary movements, it was coined by a special apron for the collection of various garden waste.

Apron made of thick waterproof fabric, which allows you to work even in wet weather. Large breast pocket is always wide open due to plastic sewn inside the arc. The bottom of the pocket is cut and sealed with Velcro, allowing debris to easily shake.

Depending on the manufacturer, the apron can be of different sizes and colors. pockets design can also vary.

5. Bag for transporting water

A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/35/5d/d2/z13786421IH, Worek-na-wode.jpg
A photo: http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/35/5d/d2/z13786421IH, Worek-na-wode.jpg

In those places that does not reach the garden hose, the water can lead to the trolley with a special bag. The device is made of a solid film and can accommodate up to 80 liters of water. The bag is filled through a dedicated valve located at the bottom.

From such a bag is convenient to water the fruit trees that require up to eight buckets of water at a time. Most of the irrigation is made of a trolley, after which the bag can be taken in hand.

On the other useful devices for the garden, you can read on my site - 5 unusual devices that simplify the country life (Part 1)

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