5 unusual devices that simplify the country life (Part 5)

  • Dec 27, 2019

Very soon begin an active summer season, which means that on the shelves of gardening stores there are more interesting and useful devices. I have selected some of them, that I remember the most.

1. Flat fork for digging

A photo: http://tehnikaportal.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Sadovyie-vilyi-7.jpg
A photo: http://tehnikaportal.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Sadovyie-vilyi-7.jpg

I think many will agree with me that the bayonet shovel is not the best tool for digging soil.

  • Firstly, it sticks to the ground, because of what the tool becomes much more difficult;
  • Secondly, when digging with a shovel, we mix the different layers of soil, which is not always good for future landings.

Therefore, as an alternative, many gardeners use conventional agricultural forks. However, this tool also has some disadvantages:

  • Firstly, the inclination angle of the forks is designed for loading and unloading of hay, which makes digging process;
  • Second, the fine teeth of the fork can pass through the soil hardly loosen it;
  • Third, the shape and thickness of the metal nozzle is not designed to stop and pressure, whereby the foot can easily slide off.

Therefore classic forks too, is hardly a useful tool for loosening and digging soil. However, in recent years, it was created an improved version - flat forks with mixed center of gravity.

From his fellow new tool differs wide teeth, a convenient platform for the feet and mixing down the center of gravity. These improvements allow forks to become a full-fledged tool for digging the garden.

2. compact hose

A photo: http://remoo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/shlangi-dlya-poliva-kakie-luchshe-10.jpg
A photo: http://remoo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/shlangi-dlya-poliva-kakie-luchshe-10.jpg

Compact garden hose is stretchable cloth wrapper sleeve in which a water supply point is straightened and elongates 3 times. This design eliminates the multiple coils that are constantly underfoot. After watering hose independently compressed and frees up space.

Another important advantage of a compact hose is its weight. It is several times lighter than rubber counterparts. This not only saves power, but also reduces the chance of damage to the plants at the time of entering the hose in the garden.

On top of the main arm has a cloth wrap that protects the hose from damage. Therefore, the equipment can safely carry the stones and rub on the fence.

Typically, complete with a hose is a universal spray heads, as well as several fasteners for the crane. However, the presence of components depends on the manufacturer and the product itself.

3. Carrying bag of firewood and brushwood

Photo: www.fermer.by/uploads/monthly_12_2017/post-35628-0-36771500-1514288156.jpg
Photo: www.fermer.by/uploads/monthly_12_2017/post-35628-0-36771500-1514288156.jpg

A simple, but very useful device to carry wood, tree branches and garden waste within the suburban area. Bag web is a square with two handles. The fabric, which is made of carrying, can withstand up to 40 kg. solid cargo.

Besides wood and brushwood, in such a bag can be transferred garden tools (E.g., for irrigation hose)Small boards, bars or even bricks.

Bags of this kind do not only of coarse cloth. In stores you can find analogues of plastic and even metal wires.

4. Brush for cleaning gutter

Photo: krysha-expert.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/4d1f18dbc4583cfb465f5a29671fe36c.jpg
Photo: krysha-expert.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/4d1f18dbc4583cfb465f5a29671fe36c.jpg

Gutter can be cleaned manually standing on a ladder, and it is possible using a special brush with a telescopic handle. This arrangement allows you to clear the drain from old paint, leaves and other debris.

The nozzle has two working tools:

  • Brush-brush. It allows you to remove light debris such as leaves and twigs;
  • Lopatka. It allows you to remove accumulated on the bottom of the old paint and ground.

Aluminum, from which the product makes the design easy and convenient to use. Depending on the manufacturer, the telescopic handle can be extended to a height of 4 meters. This is enough to reach the gutter almost any suburban home.

Unlike manual cleaning, this brush has one significant disadvantage. She can damage the old gutter (E.g., too much pulling down), Resulting in the design will have to be repaired.

5. Tool for plants Garters

A photo: https://images.ru.prom.st/334213998_w640_h640_tapener1.jpg
A photo: https://images.ru.prom.st/334213998_w640_h640_tapener1.jpg

Process garter plants can now accelerate several times. To do this, there was a device that automatically holds the plant with a pole (Or other support structure) special tape.

In contrast to the fishing line or rope, tape is not wide bites into the plant tissue, and not cause any harm to the culture.

On garter takes less than 10 seconds. The device surrounds the stem tape, cuts it, and then fixes the bracket.

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