Preparing the beds for planting early: warming bottles

  • Dec 27, 2019
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In one of my previous articles I talked about how to make a warm bed of unusual insulating layer of plastic bottles. This recycle was chosen me to separate the frozen soil for the winter on the contents of the beds. This design allows you to start planting a few weeks earlier than usual, which is very valuable for every gardener.

  • Firstly, part of the crop planted before, we distribute "com" spring work;
  • Secondly, early planting allows you to get an early harvest, which is always very nice.

Despite all its advantages, warm bed takes no little time and effort. In addition, you need a lot of components, such as leaves, twigs, compost and isolation. Often fails to prepare only 2-3 such beds. On the rest is simply not enough time.

Therefore, I have decided to simplify the process and make not a bed and a warm area for planting. The place where before the start of the main season can be planted early cultures. No compost, humus and branches. Just warmed the earth.

Insulate the ground with bottles

The essence of the warm section is to separate the deep frozen ground by being heated topsheet spring. This is done to ensure that the night the heated layer again chilled by contact with the cold ground.

Insulation can be done with foam, but practical use plastic bottles. They are always on hand and do not require financial outlay.

The entire process consists of three simple steps.

Mark up next warm portion and remove it from the layer of soil in a thickness bayonet shovels. We should have square grooves, similar to what we are doing to prepare in-depth warm beds.

Next, in a single layer plastic bottles should be laid on the bottom of our deepening. The denser is lined containers, the better the insulating layer. Labels with bottles is better to remove. So in the garden will be less garbage.

Now we go to sleep ground bottles, which we had previously dug up from this place. If desired, the ground layer can be added mown grass.

As a result, we should get a small raised area of ​​land which is already well warmed up in early spring. Due bottles soil will not freeze at night, which will make the early planting.

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