Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 11)

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this series, I talked about how you can use old plastic bottles for the benefit of garden and kitchen garden. Of the many tips I took away only the most practical, which could be useful to me the most.

1. For winter storage of drums and ponds

A photo:
A photo:

Plastic cans and two-liter bottles can be used for the preservation of the barrels and ponds before winter cold. To the ice ripped container with water, it is necessary to compensate for the increased volume. This is perfect for plastic containers.

There are two main methods of compensation volume with bottles.

1. float system

This system involves the bottle immersion in water to 3/4 of its volume. In this neck with loosely screwed lid must be over the water surface. During freezing the ice will squeeze container, whereby the pressure on the wall of the barrel (pond) becomes smaller.

To the bottle does not come to the surface, it is necessary to attach the anchor. Make it possible of brick, stone or other hard object.

2. immersion system

This system differs from the float so that the bottle is completely immersed in water. For this purpose, the sand fill container or stones, then drown in a vat or pond. When the water begins to freeze, ice gave a bottle, which is compensated for Thu small part of the volume.

Taking into account that the freezing water expands in volume by about 8%, the number of bottles and floats need to calculate the outcome of the initial volume of the barrels (pond).

2. Protective cover for socket

A photo:
A photo:

Of plastic cans and bottles can make a protective cover for outdoor outlets. It helps protect the electrical installation of rainwater and snow.

There are many different designs, but the most practical I consider three types:

1. Classical "Visor"

Canopy is considered the most simple protective structure. The process of its creation is divided into four stages:

  • In a two-liter plastic bottle cut the bottom and neck;
  • Get cylinder horizontally cut and straightened into a rectangle. To the plastic retains its shape, its iron iron;
  • From the resulting fabric cut out a square area of ​​2 times greater than that of the outlet;
  • We attach our canopy over the socket so that the electrical equipment has been completely closed. During use, the visor is folded upward outlet.

This is not the most reliable design, but on its creation will take no more than 10 minutes.

2. "Feeder"

This design is very similar to the bird feeder. In the front wall of the bottle (Preferably rectangular) hole cut the size of the outlet. The opposite wall is cut a hole under the wire and brackets.

Next, the bottle is attached to a wall or a pole, then it is installed in the socket. The joints between the wall and smeared with sealant bottle.

This design is much more reliable, "visor", but requires mounting / dismounting the outlet.

3. sealed protection

The operating principle of this protection is shown in the figure above. This is the most reliable construction. However, to create it you will have to find a plastic jar with a screw cap.

Attach the cover to the place where the socket will be installed (Already there should be removed and prepared wire attachment). Coat with sealant joints. Next, assemble the socket itself, and next to the rope we hang up our jar, which will serve as a lid.

To make the closed space does not accumulate condensate in the cap needs to be done a small hole.

That's all, our defense is ready. In order to close the outlet of the rain, it is sufficient to screw in the jar lid. This design allows you to leave electrical equipment even in the winter.

3. Protective cover for locks


One of the most popular ways to use plastic bottles, is the creation of a protective cover for a padlock. The design has gained popularity due to its simplicity and practicality. To create will take no more than 2-3 minutes. We need only a bottle and a pair of scissors.

At container volume from 0.5 - 2.5 (Depending on the size of the lock) liter cut bottom, and cutout is thick loop on which to hang the lock at the rear side. bottle cap tightly twisted and sharp edges are sanded with sandpaper. That's all, our defense is ready.

Get pouch worn on the closed padlock to protect against rain and snow.

4. Apparatus vertical beds


If the space for a vegetable garden at their summer cottage is not enough, you can organize vertical ridges. Such a method has long been used abroad, and gradually adopted by our gardeners.

Pots for devices such beds can be bought, but you can make out of transparent plastic bottles. On the creation of the whole construction will take no more than half an hour. We need only plastic bottles, scissors and awl.

  • Cut off from the 2-liter bottle bedplate;
  • Tightly screw cap and the neck make 3-4 small drainage holes;
  • Next, fasten the bottle on a fence, wall or pole;

The first level of our beds ready. Now, fill the bottle with soil and cut a hole in which we plant a plant. Similarly, we do all the other floors by placing the bottle on top of each other.

Thus, we get a multi-storey bed that did not take place. Due to its design, the plants are not shaded and well ventilated.

Even more ways to beneficial use of plastic bottles you can find on my site - Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 12)

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