Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 10)

  • Dec 27, 2019

It's time to write the 10th anniversary article on the beneficial use of plastic bottles in the holiday home. Throughout a series of materials, I wrote only about what might be useful to me the most.

In my compilations are present only those products that you can do yourself without any special skill and special equipment.

1. Protection against drops

A photo:
A photo:

From the neck of a plastic bottle can make an excellent protection against drops and stains. It is sufficient to cut off the upper portion of the container lid and make a hole of appropriate size.

Such a device is attached to the brush by means of adhesive tape or small cloves. Please note that the joint between the lid and the handle should be sealed. Over time, the neck will collect dripping paint. (Make a seam sealed help ordinary putty, tape, or even a children's modeling clay).

Of course, this protection will not save you from the spray, but will protect the arm from drips and drops. If we consider that the establishment does not need to spend money and time, I think the device is quite practical.

2. Protection tools

Photos: Summer Worker
Photos: Summer Worker

Earlier, I wrote about how to use the plastic bottles can be made reliable protection for ax handles. However, this technology is suitable only for axes, choppers and other "bulky" tool. But, there are an improved method that allows you to make the protection of pliers, wrench, screwdrivers and hammers.

Because the plastic bottles need to cut the tape width of about 1 cm. This can be done using conventional scissors or cutter bottles (Make it possible from a pencil sharpener).

The resulting tape tightly wound onto the tool handle and heated over the ring stove. If you have an industrial dryer, you can use it, it will speed up the process.

Under the influence of heat shrink plastic and tightly envelops the handle creating a reliable protection. After a few minutes the instrument is ready for operation.

3. Brush

Photos: Summer Worker
Photos: Summer Worker

From a small bar and a plastic bottle can make several types of brushes of different destinations. To create we need a drill, wire, pliers, knife, hammer and small nails.

Depending on the length and thickness of the pile, we can create as a brush to clean the bench and korschetku for removing old paint. The whole process of creation is divided into 6 stages.

  • We share the block into two pieces and cut the handle;
  • In the remaining half of the required number of drill holes. (20 to 40 depending on the size of the brush);
  • Take the plastic bottle and cut it from the tape thickness from 0.2 to 1 cm depending on the desired stiffness of the brush.;
  • We cut our ribbon into pieces (Future nap) the desired length;
  • We fill our brush bristle holes future. To our pile does not fall out, each group (One hole - one group) contractible tight wire;
  • Now we press our 'group' to the bar with the help of small nails or staples.

That's all, our brush is ready. The whole process of creation takes about 1 hour.

4. Mounting tape

A photo:
A photo:

With the help of scissors and a soldering iron (And if not, you need to use the red-hot nail) from a plastic bottle can make straps.The strength of such a device is inferior to its metal counterparts, but it will not be equal in flexibility.

Cut from bottles tape thickness 1.5 cm, twisting it into a coil diameter of 6 cm and Burn holes. There, the perforation turns flat and located at the same distance.

To create such a tape take about 15 minutes. Very good temporary solution for many construction applications.

5. Rational irrigation system

A photo:
A photo:

A Spanish gardener offered a very rational and simple drip irrigation system. It is based on the evaporation and condensation of liquid, the so-called distillation.

The method is very simple. We need two plastic bottles, one volume of 2 liters, and the other 6 liters.

Cut off in 2 liter bottle neck, filled with water and put next to the plant. Next, cut out the bottom of the canister and cover our bottle. That's all watering system is ready.

In the sun, the water begins to evaporate, to settle on the walls of the canister and drip to the ground. The hotter the day, the more water the plant will receive.

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