Banishes the Colorado potato beetle using tar: naturally and effectively

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: (Birch tar)
A photo: (Birch tar)

In this short article I want to talk about another way to fight the Colorado potato beetle. Earlier, I wrote about how to destroy the pest, but the process was quite time consuming and is not suitable for those who are faced with in the process of growing root. Method involves a comprehensive approach from the planting and ending with harvesting.

The method that I will describe in this article, does not require a lot of effort and is suitable for processing potatoes in the growth process. Despite its simplicity, it is one of the most effective natural methods of struggle.

The method

The method is to treat the potato leaves with a weak solution of birch tar. The smell of this substance is not only deters potato beetle, but also for other garden pests such as wireworms.

The most effective method of work in the first years of application. If you use tar often, Colorado potato beetle will start to get used to and will no longer respond to the continuous processing.

Where to get the tar

Take the birch tar is not difficult. It can be purchased at a hardware store (pharmacy) at a price of 70 rubles per 50 ml., And you can get yourself. The second option is suitable for those who like to experiment. In everyday life, self-production of tar is quite time-consuming and impractical (Of course, if you do not need very large amounts of this substance).

prepare a solution of

To prepare the solution, we need warm water (So-called "outdoor temperature"), Disposable syringe (For dispensing substance)And liquid tar.

Mix the solution best a 2-liter plastic bottle, from which we will process our potatoes. The thing is that the tar is poorly soluble in water, so we will need to quickly mix the solution and immediately start processing.

(Use pulverizer is not desirable, since the tar can score delicate small holes and channels)

Two liters of lukewarm water add 6 ml. liquid tar and mix thoroughly.

wire processing

We screwed up our bottle cap with 8-12 holes, through which we will produce a spray. (Make holes can by means of a thin nail or glow pin). Once again, stir and pour the contents of the potato tops in one go. Stay long on each bush is not worth it as we go, with such speed and handling.

Such a procedure will help scare away from potato Colorado potato beetle, wireworms, and a number of other garden pests.

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