Natural insecticides for the garden: how to replace expensive chemicals

  • Dec 27, 2019

After the appearance of a huge number of chemicals against pests, growers began to forget about natural insecticides. Advertised drugs appear to us to be effective, harmless and easy to use. Unfortunately, in most cases, our perceptions are the results of the advertisers. After all, the promotion of their goods manufacturers spend huge amount of money.

In this article I want to tell you about a few natural insecticides that are coping with pests or slightly better than chemical drugs.

1. Solution of natural soap

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One of the most affordable natural remedies for aphids eriococcidae, mites, leafhoppers, psyllites, scale insects, whiteflies and other insects sucking sap, a soap solution. It can be prepared in minutes at home with only soap and water.

After treatment plant covers soap solution film which covers the insect access to oxygen. In addition, creating additional protection the green parts of the plant.

Soap solution does not accumulate in plant tissues and totally harmless to man. A few days after treatment, the film is completely washed away by rain.

To a solution can be used as solid or liquid soap. The main thing is that it is natural, without impurities and fragrances.

2. diatomaceous earth

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Diatomaceous earth is an excellent tool against crawling pests. Powder consisting of small sharp grains of sand, scratching and damaging insects.

With the diatomaceous earth can create unbearable conditions for the life and power of many garden pests. It is enough to scatter the powder around the affected plants, and pests will get his side.

Diatom powder is best used in greenhouses and greenhouses - where there is no rain and high humidity. Getting wet diatomaceous earth loses its properties.

3. Feverfew (Pyrethrum)

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This unpretentious flower, often called "Daisy", grows freely in many suburban areas. Despite its modest appearance, it is one of the most powerful natural insecticide.

Pyrethrins contained in powders and tinctures of camomile, blocking nerve impulses insects, causing them to die.

In a small concentration (Which we use in the garden)This insecticide is completely harmless to humans and animals.

Many of the drugs purchased from insects contain in their composition concentrates of this plant. This once again tells us about the effectiveness of the insecticide.

4. neem oil

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tropical Neem oil is one of the most powerful natural insecticides. That can be purchased in most gardening stores costs from 150 rubles in 100 ml. The drug is not cheap, but a natural and highly effective.

Preparations based on neem oil are struggling with almost all kinds of garden pests. They are not addictive, so you can use them for many years.

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